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Theatre Productions

Teamwork is Vital

Working together is important in any setting where more than one person is responsible for putting together a final product. That is certainly the case in the theatre, where there are a number of roles behind the scenes that are necessary to bring the production to life. The director, set designer, actors, and more all play a role in the project. A good costume designer will work closely together with these various people in order to make sure the costumes for the production are in line with everything else that is going to be done. Even the best looking costumes in the world won’t really be successful if they don’t make sense within the context of the show or the staging.

Getting the Period Right

The majority of productions take place at a very specific point in time – usually not the present day. That means that one of the most important jobs of the costume designer is to make the clothing ring true for the period that is supposed to be represented. Clothing styles have changed greatly from generation to generation over the years, meaning it requires thorough research to get this part of the job …

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Ideas for a Theatre Rental


A theatre can be a dramatic, one-of-a-kind location for a wedding ceremony. Guests can sit comfortably in the audience seats while the bride and groom exchange their vows on stage. This is a perfect setting for drama buffs, movie lovers, or anyone who wants a unique setting without resorting to the outdoors. Old spaces are especially well suited for this, as many have interesting architectural details that will be lovely in photos. Décor can be minimal. Consider designing invitations to resemble old playbills. For a fun favour for guests, serve popcorn in old-fashioned containers commemorated with the bride and groom’s names and the date of the wedding.

Birthday Parties

Consider a theatre rental for a fun, memorable birthday party. Many locations allow the use of their facilities for birthdays, and some even include the food, balloons, and décor. This venue is perfect for a large group, and it is the ideal time to get all the kids together to see the newest animated release, teen-friendly action flick, or age-appropriate comedy. Parents may just need to ask for permission to bring in a cake and candles. Bonus: someone else gets to clean up after the party!

Photo Shoots

A theatre …

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Rules to Follow at the Theatre

Arrive Early

It’s best to arrive at least 30 minutes before the time stamped on the ticket. Most venues start seating patrons half an hour before show time and stop seating once the show starts. If someone is late, ushers may require that they wait in the lobby until a break or intermission. Avoid missing the first part of the performance by getting to the venue early.

Silence Cell Phones

Most theatregoers prefer a quiet atmosphere. Ringing cell phones or smart watches sending out notifications can be distracting. Once the lights dim, make sure all technology is either turned off or set to silent mode. At intermission, attendees can check messages and respond to phone calls, but if they’re in their seats, it’s best to stay quiet and pay attention to the show.

Avoid Distracting Behaviour

When the actors are onstage, it’s important to be quiet and respectful of their performance. Avoid whispering or talking to friends, and save any snacks for intermission. While the actors may not be able to see everything that’s happening in the crowd, other audience members sitting can become distracted by constant movement or hushed conversations.

Leave the Camera at Home

Though some performances allow …

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