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Drawing Inspiration From Past Travels

Painting Berkshire landscapes

I love nothing more than going on long drives through the Berkshire countryside. It is full of scenic spots and picturesque landscapes. Whenever I capture these beautiful images in my paintings, I recall my travels through Europe. By doing this, I’m recreating the beauty of the Berkshire countryside and infusing my work with unique touches here and there. I could paint the landscape exactly as it is, or I could add little quirks here and there to make it my own take on the scene. I apply soft brush strokes and use a number of different brushes and sponges when painting plants and trees. My travels inspired me to look at trees and plants in a new way, which is why I use this particular technique.

Standing out

Take an image that has been painted many times, for example the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the most commonly painted landmarks in the world. If you decide to paint something that many others choose to paint, what’s going to set your painting apart from the many others? Adding your own personal touch will make your painting unique. Draw inspiration from past travels and experiences to add a …

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Appreciation of the Pencil Drawing

An artist using a pencil learns to hear what language the pencil voices the moment the fingertips touch the pencil. What weight does this remarkable little tool carry? The artist then consciously records this into his creation algorithm; next the fingers wrap around and take their hold, another milestone. This point of connection is one of the pivotal points of the drawing about to unfold. Feeling how the pencil feels in the fingers, an understanding of how this pencil dances emerges. The language is now understood.

Pencil to paper- the merging of human being with drawing pencil, visible on the canvas.

A Pencil Drawing portrait is an intimate experience, the artist is seeing through a different lens, allowing you to be reflected by the dance of the pencil, and the appreciation of the timeless tool.

The artist has an uncanny ability to highlight the beauty he/she perceives, creating through the pencil drawing not only a flattering perspective but interweaving something that is seen through the face, an aspect of personality, a glimmer in the eyes, to which the heart whispers “Wow” in exchange.

Now there are various ways such a pencil drawing can be recreated using computer programming and for …

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Secrets of Beautiful Sketching

The Tools of the Trade

Drawing requires a lot of tools such as different kinds of pencils and different textured papers. Sketching is a free-form art where you only need very light strokes so it is always best to use hard lead pencils like an HB or 2H pencil. If you use mechanical pencils then a narrow lead point (0.7) is going to be your best friend.

Mastering the Art of Sketching

When you sketch you have to remember that this is completely free-form. Keep your hand from resting on the paper. You can try these four common ways to hold a pencil during your sketch sessions:

  • Basic tripod grip
  • Underhand tripod grip
  • Overhand tripod grip
  • Extended tripod grip

There are also different strokes to sketching and these are used to add a little bit of detail. They are generally used for quick portrait sketches and can be used to do shadows or add depth to a simple outline.
Some basic strokes are:

  • Long lines
  • Medium lines
  • Short lines
  • Tonal grading
  • Blending
  • Crosshatching
  • Corrugated lines

Perfecting the Art of Sketching

If you want to get good in sketching you should practice the habit of making shapes and lines with simple, …

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Graphic Art With Writing and Drawing Skills

In more recent years as a writer this skill has paid off when choosing as few words as possible to describe something. Generally, authors waft on trying to paint a picture that their audience will pick up on. The same goes for the Internet.

Web pages and articles have about six seconds of viewing time to catch their audience before the page is clicked over. Unless there is a catchy title or a word that grabs their interest they are gone, and they rarely return.

While the viewing audience of this latest media format amounts to many millions or more there is no guarantee that a web page will be seen. Instead of word many will be drawn in by a great image. Over time a logo or comedy picture will instantly connect if they know that there is a benefit to be had by sticking around.

Logo’s are great draw cards and teaching people to respond to them is best done through the graphics rather than words. That is because many are not fast readers and some can barely read at all. But everyone responds to a picture.

If, on the other hand, one is appealing to a more …

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Drawing Roses

Draw the Outlines

Start by simplifying your object into the lines that are visible. Seek to keep out all the extra information that could sidetrack you from just concentrating on drawing the outlines. Don’t even look at the values at this time. Also, ignore color. Just focus on the contour lines, as we’ll handle the highlights, shades and hue at another step of the drawing.

Add the Shadows with a Dark Colored Pencil

Once you have your contour lines defined, you can start to add the shadowed areas. Concentrate only on the darker values here. This step is similar to creating an under painting. Be aware to not add to many darker values too quickly. It’s difficult to make a an area of a drawing lighter after making it too dark.

Add the Color of the Rose

At this stage, you are ready to add color to the drawing. You may choose to add the color that you actually see, or change the color. Most drawings of roses are red, but feel free to add whatever color that you would like your rose to be. Draw layers of color right over the top of the drawing that you already have …

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