Resize Photos in Photoshop

February 21, 2019 Off By Gregory

Assume that it has 2602 pixels wide and 1852 pixels high. However, I need a smaller version to print it perfectly. What I will do is I will change the numbers in the width and height boxes. You can change it to whatever size you want. To change the values double-click on any of the boxes. Whether width or, height, and type a new value. Click OK to save. Your photo will come out with a new dimension. You can also resize your photos by changing the pixel value. Look at the width and height number boxes; you will see that the measurement value is given in pixels. Click on the pixels and change it to percent.

Now the width and height check box will prove the percentage value. Double click on the box and change the value to any percent. Click OK to save. One thing you will notice that if you change the width value, the height value will change automatically or, if you change the height value, the width value will change. Resizing photos in Photoshop is a very simple and easy process. Nevertheless, always try to keep up the quality. It is okay to make it smaller, but it is a bit risky to make it large.

If you want to enlarge a small photograph into a larger one, it will appear stretchy and fake. It will ruin the photo quality. When we cut the image resolution, it also reduces the pixel value. In the same way, when we increase the resolution, it increases the pixel value also. Moreover, here lies the problem. Since, it adds pixels that were not there before. As a result, it makes the photo look weird and unreal. So, always be very careful when resizing your photograph and stick with good quality.