Using Acrylics Like Watercolor

If acrylics can be used like watercolours, why do artists not just use watercolours instead of acrylics? There are a few reasons why artists sometimes prefer to use acrylics like watercolours, rather than using watercolours themselves. Watercolours tend to be less forgiving, so if you make a mistake, it’s a lot harder to go back and correct it. Mistakes done in watercolours can’t be covered up that easily. Watercolours by their very nature can become quite muddy very easily and certain colours don’t blend well together. When painting with watercolours you run the risk of putting too much water on to the canvas. This can result in the canvas softening and being more likely to tear.

Another good thing about using acrylics like watercolours is that you can layer them. With watercolour paints, you can’t really layer them that well. This is because they tend to become muddy very quickly and intermingle; you also run the risk of washing off a pre-existing layer. Rather than there being separate layers, the paint could all mix together and produce something you probably didn’t want. Acrylics, on the other hand, can be very easily layered on top of each other, even when diluted.…

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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was born in May 11 of 1904 in the humble town of Figueres, Spain. He shared the same first name with his older brother who had died 9 months earlier before he was born and had believed he was his brother’s reincarnation. Dali discovered his passion for art at a young age. He attended drawing school during the early years of his childhood and he also loved playing football like any other Spanish boy. Though he had interest in art, he was not serious in schooling and often daydreams during class. He was often ridiculed because of his eccentric fashion sense and an unusually long hair.

In 1922, he studied at the Academia de San Fernando and it was in this time that he developed a strong influence in many artistic styles such as Cubism and Metaphysics, to name a few. Later on, he drew controversy for criticizing most of his teachers and had allegedly started a riot in school and was eventually suspended and briefly imprisoned. He went back to the academy in 1926, but was expelled shortly after the examination believing that the school’s faculty were incompetent to examine him.

Dali continued his passion of Surrealism …

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About Chiaroscuro

Artists using chiaroscuro think carefully about what parts of the painting they want to be in the shade and what parts they want to be in the light. This technique is all about giving certain things in the painting prominence by having them in the light, and obscuring other parts by having them in the shade. A good example of a chiaroscuro painting is where the central figure is in the light, yet all around that figure there’s deep darkness. The effect of this is similar to a scene in a play where the stage is darkened and there’s a spotlight thrown on to the key actor. Chiaroscuro paintings create a great example of contrast and can make particular parts of the painting look as if they’re three-dimensional. Sometimes the source of light is actually in the painting itself – many of the classic chiaroscuro paintings, for example, feature a candle.

Two of the most famous artists to have used chiaroscuro are Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio. Leonardo da Vinci popularised this technique during the late 15th century, using it to give features of his paintings a vivid three-dimensional effect. Lots of other painters started using this technique to provide …

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Phases of Architectural Services

  • Conceptual Architectural Design
    Conceptual Architectural Design is the first stage of any building or Infrastructure construction phase. Conceptual Design is normally created by an Architect where he designs a building conceptually. Before Revit or Auto CAD came into existence, conceptual designs were done manually on paper, in form of sketches and later drafted. Now, with number of software available today conceptual designing has become much easier.
  • Construction Drawing and Drafting
    After conceptual designing is finalized, process of creating Construction Drawings for the building starts. Construction Drawings are set of drawings created to facilitate construction phase. It consists of complete drawings spanning entire building. This is very crucial for accurate construction. It consists of Roof Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Sections, Elevations, Electrical Plan, Layouts, Site Plan etc. These drawings can either be created using Auto CAD or Revit.
  • Building Information Modeling
    Architectural Building Information Modeling is the most important stage of any Construction project. This process makes construction less time consuming and decreases costing. BIM essentially means collection of all elements and data related to construction of building in a single model. BIM virtually gives a feel of how a model will look and function after construction. Revit Architecture is the
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Stretch Your Own Art Canvas

First of all join the stretchers together. Lay them out and push the corners together. Check that the corners are at right angles with a book or something similar.

Roll out the canvas and put the frame on top of it, then cut it to size bearing in mind that the canvas has to fold over the frame to be stapled on the back. Be generous with the canvas you can trim excess off later when you’ve finished stretching.

When stretching the best technique is to start at the middle and work out in opposites. So starting in the middle on any side, staple the canvas to the back of the frame. Now put two more staples in about two inches apart, don’t worry if you use more staples, practice will give you a better idea on how many to use. Move to the opposite side and while pulling the canvas tight with the canvas pliers, staple as you did before. Repeat this with the other two edges.

Now staple from the middle to the side, remember to pull the canvas tight as you go. If you have any problems get a friend to help you out, an extra pair …

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Gothic Fonts

Acording to historians like Alexander Lawson, it is speculated that the discovery of Franklin Gothic was as a result of an influence by Berthold’s Akizdenz-Grotesk types. No evidence was produced by Alexander Lawson to support this argument though. The font was named after a prolific American printer who was known as Benjamin Franklin. Gothic font’s styles are said to be fabulous and stylish. “Gothic” was a term used to refer to fonts that were used before the emergence of printing industry in the medieval Europe. The medieval parchment considered as a great theme that was unusual for notepad printing was a combination of medieval font supplementary writing and textured paper fonts.

You need to know some of the list of medieval fonts. Over the years, these fonts have gone through much transformation. Printed gothic font changed together with graphic arts industry. The list of gothic fonts includes Akvaleir, Readable Gothic, Metal Macabre, Versal, Elder Magic, Sir Fig, British Block Flourish, MilleniGem, Gourdie, Kingdom Come, Rough Tuscan, Black Night, Diamond, Cardina, Old London, Ruritania, Cretino, Benegraphic, Erasmus Morgo and many others. Over the years these fonts have risen in popularity. Gothic fonts are said to have a large number of typefaces. …

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Original Modern Abstract Art

The house is not just a residential quarter where you sleep and wake up. It is an intimate nest of yours where you prefer to lie down when you are depressed or where you celebrate the trivial successes of your life with your family. So, it is quite a good thing to install all those artistic elements which reflect your tastes and also fill you up with happiness when you need a boost of morale.

Decorative art paintings are enjoying massive popularity among art collectors. In view of the online era, even non-collectors are developing a passion for modern art and are revamping their spaces with these decorative pieces. There are two kinds of people in the world. One is the kind which is ready to dole out huge sum of money.

These people are very passionate about art and love to hoard modern paintings to breathe their aroma and to see the world through the canvas every day. The second kind is the casual buyer who is too involved with his mundane works to nurture a die-hard romance for art, but is willing to spend a bit to color his home with some sublime creations. He often starts neutrally …

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Be More Creative In Daily Life

The first way to become more creative in your life is to change your daily living pattern. I know this may sound uncomfortable for some because of our natural resistance change but it produces many benefits. For example if you’re used to waking up to 10am on the weekends and watching TV until noon try to change that into waking up at 9am and going for a bike ride until noon and then watching less TV then you normally would. By making slight changes to your routine your brain will begin to process the change differently and will give you a burst of energy and creativity since you’re consciously breaking out of your comfort zone.

The second way to become more creative is to read the autobiographies of famous artists such as Michaelangelo and Lenordo daVinci. By learning the lives of famous artists and applying some of the mannerisms in your daily life you will see an increase in creativity and develop an everyday appreciation for the arts. For example Leonardo was born to an illegitimate father therefore he did not have the social status to be a part of the court.

This forced him to go on long walks …

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Design Custom T-Shirts

First, it’s important to spend some time brainstorming. You might think your first idea is perfect (and maybe it is!), but chances are, once you get your creativity juices flowing, you’ll come upon an even better idea. A great design takes time and creativity, both of which can’t be rushed. It’s also important to involve other members of the group. Run ideas by the whole group so that everyone is on board with it and allow team members to contribute their own design suggestions. Involving more people, you’ll inevitably round up more ideas, making for a more thoughtful and interesting t-shirt.

As you consider the design, think about your group’s personality and message. Are you modern or old-fashioned? Crazy or elegant? Fun or somber? Your design should communicate something about your group and do it clearly and carefully. Also, although you might be tempted to throw all of your design ideas at this t-shirt, remember that simplicity often goes hand-in-hand with effective communication. Although you should feel free to make your design crazy and cluttered (that’s the beauty of customized t-shirts!), simple designs usually communicate a group’s name and idea more clearly.

Next, think about color. The more ink colors …

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Typography Fundamentals

Typography is a primary integral part of any web0design project, as its main purpose is to carry information. In addition, it is an art of text decoration, so it could readable and beautiful at the same time.

Type family is usually mistaken for types or fonts. In sober fact, it is a group of fonts of the same origin, structure and image. It is a set of stylistically similar characters that you can write or print. Type family includes figures, letters and symbols. Font is a narrower concept, which is determined by several factors, such as size and style. In general, Arial is a type family, and Arial Bold is a font of this type family.

Serif fonts or Antiqua embraces all the fonts with small serifs at the top or at the bottom of their characters. They are hardly recommended for large text paragraphs because of their low readability. These are good for headlines and title lines. Serif fonts have been used since the Middle Ages period (for instance, one can pay attention to OldStyle Century). The characteristic feature: the part written at certain angle is usually thin. Besides Old Style Century, the group of old-fashioned Antiqua fonts embraces …

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