Missing Painting

That’s right her painting was in a church storeroom after an art exhibit, and she didn’t pick it up right away because she figured it was safe at the church. Not so. You see, that great painting that she had created was stolen perhaps by a member of the church staff, a volunteer, or one of the many churchgoers. How terrible indeed. Now she reflects back and wished she had it, but she also stated; “they must have liked it quite a bit to steal it from a church,” and “I hope they like it, and I hope it has a good home hanging in someone’s living room,” she suspects that’s the case. Judging by her current level of talent, I would concur.

It’s very unfortunate that this happened, and it tends to hurt one’s faith in fellow human beings. Although not everyone in the church is perfect, as many people have joined the church to overcome one of their integrity challenges during their life experience, you’d think that most folks were of the utmost ethics. Now then, back to my original statement that “good art sells and great art often gets stolen,” I would say this was a turning …

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Juggling Act

Pursuing a career in acting will demand all of your time, energy, and the financial means required to sustain yourself over the long haul. Acting is not a part-time endeavor. I have never known anyone who could juggle a full-time job and the demands of acting. The first thing you will need to do is find a part-time job that provides you with enough income to afford an apartment in close proximity to NYC (Manhattan). Rents are at an all-time high so you will have to find a roommate(s) to share expenses. Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Astoria, Kensington, Bushwick are among those that are still affordable (by NY standards). If you go through a Real Estate broker you will have to pay a fee somewhere in the neighborhood of 18% of the yearly rent. No situation is perfect but it’s important that you get a good feel for the person(s) with whom you will be living. You do not want to be saddled with a situation that is riddled with tension and strife. Spend a little time (if time is available) getting to know your prospective roommates. Networking is an excellent way to find out who and what is available. In my …

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Improve Your Confidence With Painting

Learn to appreciate and overcome obstacles

Painting is never smooth sailing for anyone. Even the most famous of painters had to overcome numerous obstacles. Sometimes it’s a personal problem, sometimes it’s a health problem, sometimes it’s painting itself – the point is you are never going to be able to prevent any obstacles getting in your way so you have to learn to deal with them when they come. Take negative experiences and turn them into positive ones. If you’ve just overcome a problem, take all your feelings and emotions and channel them into a painting. Obstacles are challenges that build up our character. To be honest, life, and painting, would be a lot more boring without them.

Become part of the community

A really good way of improving your confidence is simply to speak to other painters. This is a great way to pick up a few hints and tips. Other painters will know exactly what you’re going through, so they’ll be able to offer some advice to get you back on track. You can also build up confidence by showing other painters your work and asking for constructive criticism. Go on painting trips and visit local galleries. Become …

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Painting Beach Scenes

Some of my beach paintings are realistic and recognizable paintings of popular New South Wales and Queensland beaches. Favorite beaches are Byron Bay for it’s beautiful sweeping bay and white sands and Currumbin Waters on the Gold Coast. There is an area set aside at Currumbin Beach which is dog friendly and I have taken many photos of dogs frolicking in the waves and the sand. Others I paint frequently are Bondi, Manly and Sydney Harbour. I also love to visit beaches on the New South Wales south coast. Jervis Bay for it’s pure white sands and emerald green ocean. Broulee, Batemans Bay and Mollymook are also very beautiful beaches and ideal for families. To give a painting life and interest I like to include people strolling, jogging or walking their dogs.

The paintings I enjoy the most are often imagined. There may be a small group of people or children having fun on the beach, swimming, diving, splashing or playing in the ocean. People may be playing sports on the sand, or just relaxing under umbrellas. I like my paintings to tell a colorful story and also to bring back memories of happy summers at the beach.

Each painting …

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Paint to Use on a Figurine

For ceramic figurines use fine sanding paper to remove any ridges or lumps. Wash ceramics with water and sponge. After allowing it to dry, you then spray on one coat of matte spray varnish for a sealed consistent surface. If the ceramic base color is not what you desire, then you should apply two base-coats in order to set a firm color foundation of your choice.

For molded resin, hard plastic and vinyl figurines use dish soap with warm water first. The soap is needed to make sure to wash away the mold-releasing agent. Vinyl molded figurines do not require sanding; they are simply wash and go, no extra steps are necessary.

Clay is also a simple process. After you bake it, apply your base coat. No washing, no sanding. If the surface is too smooth for your liking feel free to sand it. Clay reacts well to acrylics.

If the figurine you are painting is metal be sure to sand the surface beforehand. Follow that with using an even coat of primer spray paint, letting it dry before you apply the next coat of paint. An exception would be if your metal material was aluminum, then you would only …

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Types of Creating Cartoon Drawings

Gag cartoons

‘Gag’ literally means a ‘joke’. Gag cartoons are usually single-paneled cartoon that is used to create fun about people in general. They create humor by the use of overstatements. They are used as a means of entertainment. Sometimes, they are used to highlight and poke fun at the faults or mistakes of humans. The cartoons may be accompanied by a single-sentence caption which may be the spoken words of a character.

Comic strip cartoons

This type of cartoon appears as regular features with known or established characters in newspapers. They are portrayed in series to illustrate or tell a story. Each strip includes a series of panels with the words of characters encased in a balloon. They are published together in one or two pages.

Animated cartoons (Animation)

This is a short, computer drawn cartoons made to appear as if it is hand drawn. They are made in series to create the illusion of movement and action. They are used for cinematography and are produced on audio-video screens. To create animation, each successive drawing in a panel is made to slightly differ from the first one before it to portray the notion of movement.

Editorial cartoons

This type …

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There are two main classifications of Origami. They are the Traditional Origami and the Creative Origami. The traditional origami deals with the use of paper creating simple forms, shapes and animals such as frogs, boats, balloons, insects, and plants. On the other hand, the creative origami involves the creation of very complex and elaborate designs with paper such as buildings, cars, airplanes, dinosaurs, etc. Many professional fields such as architecture and engineering have applied the principles of origami in producing prototype models of their architectural structures and automobiles before building the actual products. Health providers and clinical psychologists have used origami as an art activity for the elderly, handicapped and mentally deranged persons as an effective rehabilitation tool.

To produce an origami piece, the artist needs to remember these essential points; The paper to be used for producing the piece should be square. No adhesive or cutting is needed in origami. The paper to be used may be colourful to increase the aesthetic appeal of the final work. The artist should put these two essential qualities to play thus tolerance and patience.
The artist must strictly follow the rules that govern the folding of the paper such as;┬áCorners and …

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Tips For Beginner Painters

Learn from others

One of the best ways to develop your own painting skills and techniques is to learn from others. From professional painters you can learn all about different techniques and things you should and shouldn’t be doing. Watch videos, read articles and follow blogs by established artists, as they usually offer hints and tips for aspiring artists. Visit galleries and see what other artists have achieved: take time to appreciate everything that makes up a painting. If you see a particular painting you like, learn as much as you can about it and if you want to recreate some of its features for yourself, learn about how the artists went about painting it. You never know what great things you can learn from others.

Observe the world more closely

Whether you paint from the real world or from your imagination, it can greatly help to study the real world more closely. Look at all of the colours that make up the world around you and see how light falls and changes a scene as the day passes. If you want to paint the real world, the best thing to do is to go out there and see what …

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People Love Art Canvas Prints

While you can still some of these original works of art to this day, they have somehow undergone a major transformation – one that promises to keep their timeless appeal for many generations to see and feel the messages that they want to express. These days, if you want to own original art masterpieces but don’t want to spend too much for it, you get art canvas prints.

A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched or gallery-wrapped onto a frame and displayed. They are often used as interior design staples, often featuring stock images or as many people prefer it, customized with personal photos to make them look like original art paintings.

To make your own canvas print, you will need to cut or trim the canvas and glue or staple it to stretcher bars and display it in a frame made from solid pine and underpinned for additional strength or as a gallery-wrap. These prints are designed to continue around the edges of the frame to enhance the three-dimensional look of the mounted print.

While most people take digital photos, print them on glossy paper and frame them for posterity, there …

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Belgian Linen

Bed linen

Because it is a natural fiber, Belgian linen keeps you cool in the summer and warm in winters. In that sense, it is much like cotton. It absorbs well and feels comfortable to the skin. Linen also adapts to different styles and weaves and tends to look good in almost any design.

Items such as pillow cases and duvet covers can also be made out of linen and used for the warmth and feeling of comfort they provide.

Table linen

By its nature, table linen needs to be absorbent and stain resistant. Table linen, whether it is Belgian or not, needs to be able to withstand frequent washing and heavier usage than other cloth such as a framed tapestry, etc.

Table linen can come in different finishes, including stone washed sheets, napkins, placemats, etc. Aesthetically, these can impart a distinct personality to a home. Belgian linen, when used in a stonewashed finish, can provide an understated elegance to the dining area. It is an ideal fabric for both, formal and informal use.

Linen in different weaves

Interested buyers may commission special weaves out of linen. Belgian linen is a natural fiber and is naturally grey or beige. Dyeing …

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