Natural Resources for Artistic Expression

May 23, 2019 Off By Gregory

Plant Source

This is the resources obtained from plants and the trees in the environment. Virtually all the parts of a plant or tree can be utilised for the production of functional artefacts. For instance, the leaves of some plant species like the palm tree can be used in producing interesting temporary hats for joyous occasions. The palm fronds or branches can be split and woven into baskets and other forms of receptacles for the storage and preservation of farm produce and personal belongings. The trunks of plant species like Sese, Asanfena, Sapele, Mahogany, Wawa and others can be used for carving beautiful and functional sculptural figures. What about the seeds from these plants? They can be stringed with a thread and used for producing various beads for body adornment. The form, shape and textures of the trees were and are powerful sources of idea development for both past and present artists. The harmonies in the colours of flowers have been mimicked by designers of packages and other visual communication tools as their colour schemes.

Animal Source

This refers to the resources obtained from animals. Paramount among them is the skins, hides and kips of both small and large animals which are used for producing leather through the tanning process. The leather material can be used in producing countless articles such as hats, jackets, belts, lampshades, furniture, table mats, wall hangings etc. The furs and feathers of some mammals and birds are used in producing bristles of brushes. Some are used in producing quills for the writing of calligraphy while others are dyed in beautiful colours and used in making brooches and other fine decorations in clothes.

The bones and ivory of some animal species can be carved into interesting articles and figures. Some are used for producing musical instruments like horns that produce nice sounds for entertainment purposes. The fat of some of these animals is used in producing binders for paints and sometimes glue. The teeth of some animals can be used in producing pendants and other forms of jewellery for the adornment of the body.

Mineral Source

This refers to the resources obtained from the soil or hidden in the deep caverns of the earth. They include precious metals like gold, silver, bronze, bauxite etc. these precious metals are cast into beautiful sculptural figures. Others are used in producing medals and other forms of jewellery. Other precious and semi-precious stones like diamond, turquoise and others are also used by artists especially jewellers in producing brooches, crests, and jewellery of all kinds.