June 19, 2019 Off By Gregory

Unlike most commonly uses cubes, MORPH concept is a lot different. It is because in this concept ‘mecons’ are used for creating 3D structures. The business cards used in building these 3D structures are artistically folded, smartly joined, strategically managed and superbly displayed to create an amazing 3D view which is an ultimate attention grabber. It’s extraordinarily appealing and colorful enough to pull people closer from a distance. It attracts awe and visibility to the art and the business cards used in the structures.

Using business cards for a piece of art is not only a brilliant concept, it is also one of the most innovative and economical way of promoting a business and boosting its sales. Business cards are not just pieces of cardboard with some letters printed on them. Every business card is a result of a very intimate and sometimes painful process of putting together everything which is important for a given business or activity. Businesses use their own brand, buildings, and employees in artwork and photography to promote their business, provide a certain aesthetic appeal, build their brand, and to enhance their corporate culture. MMORPH can be used in creating a unique 3D view with the business cards of a business house and gave it a different appealing identity with cost effectiveness and innovation.

MMORPH is a collaborative piece of art. Generally People/Businesses participate in it by mailing their cards. There is also a card collection box nearby all the MMORPH structures. There are a very few artistic projects which allow people to participate, MMORPH is one of them. It also creates an astonishing feeling in people when they find their card in the MeconoMorph super structure.

There is no end to MMORPH 3D structures. The more creative you are, the more astonishing structures would be. Every new concept has it’s own success stories. Until the invention of MMORPH idea, it has been turned out to be successful till date. Many ideas does not last long and easily forgotten with time. Will this concept turn out to be one of the best business promotional concept ever? Time will tell.