Make Paper Dolls

May 8, 2019 Off By Gregory

This project is easy to make and only requires a few household items. I use recycled cardboard for the head and body. I also use scrapbook paper for the face and clothing. These days, I have implemented the use of lace as a clothing alternative. I think the lace softens the look of the paper doll. To keep the cost low, I use soft yarn for the hair. It is less expensive than doll hair at the craft store. Pearls or buttons create arms and legs for the doll. Lately, I have been using pearls to save money. The pearls cost less than the buttons.

I have given away several paper dolls as gifts. This project can be personalized extensively. Select a color of yarn that matches the person’s natural hair color. There are so many different colors of yarn. There is something to match every hair color. The biggest challenge for me was to find the correct shade of black. Eventually, I found the color of sticks and stones was the perfect shade of black. This yarn is made by Caron Simply Soft. Even though it is not technically black, it registers as a natural black. It has lovely blended colors of purple, grey, navy blue, and brown. Another challenge was the color of blonde. I started using the basic color yellow. However, I now use light tan and beige because these colors look natural. For brown hair, there is so much variety for this color. I have used chocolate, auburn, and copper. Sometimes, I like to have fun with the hair and use purple or pink. I only do this when I want a whimsical look.

This project is an excellent way to explore one’s creative artistry. Silk rosettes are awesome for embellishing the doll. I have also used seam binding and lace to make ribbons for the hair. Fashion a necklace out of colorful pearls or acrylic beads to decorate the doll with jewelry. Create a set and make a card to go with the handmade doll. There are so many things that can be done with paper dolls. This is a project that can be enjoyed by many, and using recycled cardboard makes this project affordable for all crafters.