Make Mood With Colour

May 4, 2019 Off By Gregory

Creating a pattern or generating a colour idea is your first step to improve your interior design or exterior design.

Just to give you a head start here are a few colours and their impact on us.

Red: the colour red grabs your attention, and increases your blood pressure, pulse and breathing. It is the colour most often associated with passion and love. It is one of the few colours that have the ability to stimulate your appetite, which makes it a good colour choice for your dining room.

Orange: conveys excitement and energy. It is said that in older cultures, orange was used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels. While orange is attention-grabbing, it also is bright, friendly and reminiscent of beautiful fall colours. Use orange and its more muted cousin rust to create a welcoming room.

Yellow: when we see this colour the first thing that comes to mind is sunshine, cheer, optimism and clarity. Although it usually is considered a cheerful colour, yellow can have negative effects. It has negative effects because not everyone loves yellow. Of all the colours, yellow is hardest on the eyes, and it may stimulate your frustration and anger.

Blue: the colour of sky or and water. Blue represents calmness and serenity. In David Johnson’s article “Colour Psychology” on it is stated that many fashion consultants often recommend wearing blue for a job interview, since it conveys loyalty, reliability and productivity. You may wish to use this colour in your bedroom for its soothing effects. But keep in mind that an overdose of blue can make you feel cold and depressed.

Green: the colour of nature, it’s refreshing and relaxing. If you would have noticed most hospitals and doctors’ offices often use green because it’s considered a healing colour. Most businesses and schools use green in their decor for its stress-relieving effects. Green as an interior colour is an easy colour to live with, in any room of your home.

Purple: it’s all about royalty, majestic and drama. Kings and queens used to use purple extensively in clothing and interior or exterior design, simply because of purple dye was so expensive and only the wealthy could afford it. Therefore today the colour is associated with richness.

Black and White: it’s probably the simplest choice most people will go with. Apart from being the simplest choice in terms of risk factors Black and White is considered to be neutral colours. Yet each has powerful associations of its own. Black represents power and elegance. As an interior colour black can give a room depth. White, on the other hand, connotes cleanliness and purity, and, as a wall colour provides a clean background for other colours. With Black and White one may freely experiment with furniture and other upholstery.