Fantasy Artwork

April 14, 2019 Off By Gregory

Fantasy Artwork is a fairly new concept, although it has now been accepted into mainstream artwork. You can just imagine someone sitting there in class, doodling away, trying to get rid of that haunting image that plagues him. Gradually this young person was drawing beautiful colour images that he draped upon his wall in pride, some of the fantasy pictures he was creating no doubt disturbed their parents, although it really did provide a release, a way to really express inner thoughts, whether it is feelings of ‘death’ or maybe even great power. Fantasy Artwork quickly spread across the globe at this point, mainly in poster form.

However, the internet and computers in general have really taken fantasy pictures to the next level. Some of the most common fantasy images are based around books, after all, when you read a book, your mind conjures up images about the world, and therefore every picture will be different. With a number of ‘fandoms’ out there, it finally gave people the creative outlet in order to express the images that haunted them, they knew somebody would understand the sort of images they were creating.

Many of the brilliant creators of Fantasy Artwork have begun to work on creative development in computer games, this is one of the real expressions of your inner torment, after all, you won’t have any bigger audience than a video game audience for your images. In fact, the concept has become so popular, you will able to find fantasy artwork almost everywhere you turn, whether it is in a newspaper, or even on a huge billboard in your road.

The tools to create fantasy artwork have also exploded recently. Previously, you would only be able to create work with a good old fashioned notebook and pen. However, with the introduction of more sophisticated graphics software on computers, we are quickly able to whip something together that is literally spellbinding. We can even create these images in 3D! This really helps bring the fantasy pictures to life.