Egon Schiele

July 7, 2019 Off By Gregory

While Egon was very young, he was very obsessed with drawing the trains that we would see often. His father once believed that his child wanted to become an engineer. At the age of 11, Egon was brought to a Realgymnasium. His lack of interest in subjects of that kind caused him to fail in his classes. Despite tutors coming into his life on a daily basis, he still lacked the knowledge to succeed in his classes.

Unfortunately, his dad died during his teen years, causing him and his sister to become children of different people. Leopold Czihaczek became the co-guardian of them while his mother was also there to take care of them. At the age of sixteen, his guardian and Mother allowed him to take classes at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. This prestigious school is known for their strong list of alumni painters and artists, not to mention their unique classes. During the summer, he took the rigorous entrance exam that would tell him if he passed or not. At the age of sixteen, he became the youngest person to ever get into those specific classes.

Egon’s paintings tell a story of something beautiful. Most people are usually shocked at how well his paintings just portray their own story. Every painting he has ever created has stunned viewers who are not only into art, but those who aren’t so fond of the beauty that paintings can portray. His painting have garnered massive attention, and it is a beauty to look at all of his paintings. Many museums now hold his paintings, and viewing can be a great experience for anybody who is interested in his art.

Egon is one of the very few painters who grew up being very discouraged based on his goals. Many painters are often pushed to pursue what they want, but Egon was very different. His father wanted something else for him. He is quite a great inspiration, and his one dream has caused him to create art that would now touch other peoples hearts. If you consider looking at his art, you are definitely going to enjoy the way that they look. His art is very different, and he has all kinds of paintings that can now be seen in a wide array of museums.