Edouard Manet

July 8, 2019 Off By Gregory

Edouard Manet was born in the year 1832 in Paris. He was part of a well connected and affluent family. His mother was daughter of a diplomat and father was French judge. His father expected him to pursue his career in the niche of law. It was his uncle Edmond who supported the painter for the skills that he had in painting and took him to Louvre. He was first in secondary school and then later joined a special course in drawing. It was during this time that he met Antonin Proust woi later become minister of fine arts. He was also Manets friend for the whole life. His father then asked him to try in Navy and he failed in the examination twice which made him later accept Manet’s will in continuing arts education. He learned painting under Thomas couture who was academic painter from 1850 -1856. During spare time he tried copying the works of masters. He had so many amazing friends who were painters. It was in the year 1856 that he opened a studio. He tried following realism which was the kind of painting initiated by Gustave Courbet. It was under this influence that made him create the paintings like bullfights, people inside cafes, Gypsies, singers etc. There are chances for the individuals to choose the things in great way.

Music in the Tuileries is the painting which is the great example for the style of painting of Maner. He painted this out of the influence from Velazquez and Hals. This is the picture which is regarded as an incomplete one by many of the people. This is the painting in which he depicted authors, musicians, artists and friends who are part of it. He also included the self portrait in it.

This is the early work that got so much of importance. Paris salon didn’t allow this painting to be exhibited in the year 1863. It was then exhibited in Salon des refuses. Meurent was the model who posed for many of the major paintings of this painter. She later accomplished herself as a great painter on her own way.