Create Photoshop Watercolor Effect

July 8, 2019 Off By Gregory
  1. Step-1: At first, install the latest version of Photoshop in your computer. Select the photo file on which you want to create the watercolor effect. Duplicate the background layer. It is better to duplicate it three times. You can press “control j” to copy layers. Press them three times. Now turn off the two primary layers. You will notice a small icon. This tiny icon determines that the layer is visible or, not. When it is visible, it means the layers are visible and when you click on the icon it disappears, it means that the layers are no longer visible.
  2. Step-2: Select layer one and it will appear in blue color. Point your cursor on the filter menu>artistic>cutout. Right after choosing the filter, a dialogue box will appear. You will notice there are three boxes. One is for the number of levels second one is for edge simplicity and the last one is edge fidelity. Set the value of first two boxes to four and the last one as two. Click OK to save and exit.
  3. Step-3: Point your cursor to the layers palate and select the blend mode option. Click on the drop down menu, set it to normal and select the luminosity-blending mode. Now turn on the second layer above the primary layer. Go to filter menu>artistic>dry brush. You will three boxes on brush size, brush detail and texture option. Set the first two boxes to ten and the last box as three. Click OK to save.
  4. Step-4: Select the layer one copy, go to the blend mode options again, and select the down pointing arrow. Change the blending mode to screen. Click inside of the tiny icon and click to make other layers visible. Point your cursor to the filter menu>noise>median. A dialogue box will appear. Set the radios value to 12. Click OK to save and exit. To complete the watercolor effects change the blend mode option to soft light. Now change the layers blending mode from the down pointing arrow and select soft light. Here you get the last output.