Create a Portrait Studio Background

February 9, 2019 Off By Gregory

At this step, set the opacity level of the cloud layer to 40%. Point your cursor on palate, select the opacity option, and set it to 40%. Press Control + E to merge the layers. Apply a brush filter to make the background look more interesting. Point your cursor on Photoshop brush strokes and choose spatter. A dialogue box will come out. Select 10 for spray mode and 5 for smoothness. Click OK to save. A fade filer option may pop up this time. If it pops up then set the value to 50%. It will lessen the photo intensity and its effect.

Now again choose brush strokes from the palate and select sprayed strokes. Set the value to 12 and 7. Click OK to apply. Set the photo resolution to 300 pixels for professional quality image. Go to the menu and select image size. Set the value to 300. Click on the new adjustment layer and select hue/saturation. Click OK and save the Photoshop document. Name the document and save it in your hard drive as a PSD file for further editing. Your background is ready. Now you can place any object in front of the background.

Thus, drag the object in the background file and select pen tool or, extract filter. Move the object into the original background. You can add some color to the background if you want. Select the colorize option and set the color as per the theme of the photo. Here is your final output. A simple studio background is ready. Remember you can reset the color level as per your need. The process I have mentioned in this article is for the basic users only. It takes a lot of experience as well as practice to get the desired result. Since, we have saved the file in PSD format. We can re-edit it for further changes.