Coloring With Copic Markers

February 17, 2019 Off By Gregory

Copic markers work best on paper, wood and leather, but they can also be used on metal, fabrics and other surfaces. They will lose color over time, especially if exposed to severe conditions like UV rays from extended direct sunlight or vivid synthetic lights. There are more than 200 colors available right now in market for these markers. Artists, whether amateur or professional, can decide from a variety of these colors to draw and sketch whatsoever they want on any surface.

How to Use:

  1. Select colors of same color family while blending, like a light or dark blue. Always start with lightest color as the foundation, and include layers of darker color.
  2. Every single of them is made with a letter as code. This code explains its color family. For instance, codes that start with a “B” belong to family of blue color.
  3. If you planned to use colored pencils to put in detail to an image, apply them as last layer. The alcohol-based ink cannot soak up into paper over the pencil layer.
  4. Copic markers have a 2-digit code that symbolizes saturation. The first digit symbolizes vibrancy and other one signifies lightness. Lower the number is, lower will be color and vice versa.
  5. Check cap of Copic marker to find out its color name along with its code. This will be helpful at time you are going to refill it.
  6. Mixing two or more colors with these allows the artist to shade, blend and create professional, smooth-looking work.

How to Refill:

  1. Refill its ink by removing cap from broad end and take off ink refill.
  2. The ink refill has a plastic pipe which drops one drop of ink out at a time.
  3. Bend pointer at an angle of 45-degree to let ink refill to drop ink on to the big nib.
  4. Doing this, ink will run back with nib into marker. Put as many drops as you feel at ease in it. Dont forget to cover the nib area.