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Tips for Typography Best Practices

  1. Ubiquitous type is can cause user confusion (Mr. Keedy)
    Mr. Keedy created Keedy Sans, a popular font in the 90’s. The font was considered “uncool” 10 years later and used everywhere. Keedy sans is used on teenage girl makeup packaging, as well as winebars. This could create a bad user experience for people because of lack of branding. Last year, Mr. Keedy refreshed his font -to create greater customization and allow Keedy fans to layer the font for interesting visual effects.
  2. Braille is a form of typography (Ellen Lupton, Cooper Hewitt)
    Ellen talked about how blind individuals read Braille in a unique way -holding it across their body. She also demonstrated a blind person’s experience watching music videos by showing the accessibility voiceover.
  3. Brand holds content together with design (Gale Bichler, NYTimes)
    Gale foused on how the New York Times(NYT) has branded itself as a publication that experiments with many types of fonts. NYT can play around with different types and massive fonts as illustration. If someone picks up a page from the floor, they can usually tell that it’s from the New York Times because of branding.
  4. Picking fonts is like eating ice cream. (Veronika Burian and Jose Scaglione,
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Care For Magnetic Vehicle Door Signs and Decals

However, as you’ve pointed out in your question, many of our clients or other company’s clients aren’t exactly sure how to care for magnetic door decals. Let me say it once here – it is VERY IMPORTANT to maintain your magnetic decals properly for the sake of the decals, but even more so for your vehicle’s paint longevity, because if you don’t, you may cause serious problems for the paint under the area where your magnetic decals are placed on your vehicle’s door.

First, in regards to your decals, you must remove them off your vehicle daily, especially during the winter or rainy season in your area, but I would recommend doing this year around. However, in dry areas, one could get by with removing them once weekly (as on the weekends). Still, when your truck or car doors’ paint is at stake, I personally would say to err on the safe and less costly side of this equation.

When you remove your door magnets, you’ll want to have a place where you lay them out flat every evening, or at least for the weekend. Any slight bump will permanently create a bump in the magnetic material that may cause …

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Clementine Was An Artist

Back in the 1800’s, there was once a girl named Clementine Hunter who lived with her family at Melrose plantation located near Natchitoches, Louisiana. A plantation is a large farm where crops are grown, like cotton, corn or other vegetables. Clementine spent her entire life living and working on a plantation. It was not always an easy life for Clementine – it was sometimes hard and harsh.

When she grew up and got married, she had five children. She would take her children to the fields to work with her so that she could check on them while picking cotton. Even though it was hard work, she enjoyed picking cotton.

Clementine was promoted from the fields to the house. She became the gardener and took care of the laundry. She made clothes for the plantation owner’s children and their dolls. Designing clothes was another of her many hidden talents. Clementine was an artist in many ways, and loved to create quilts in beautiful rich colors in addition to the clothes she made.

She was very poor as a young girl and could not afford crayons, markers or paints like students have today. She didn’t attend school in her younger days …

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Passionate Affair

Developing industrial technology and the improved transportation network resulted in lower costs of manufacturing. One of the products to benefit was paper, which we consider insignificant today. However, prior to the 19th century, paper was very expensive, and affordable only to the affluent. In the early 19th century, manufacturing improvements resulted in a significant reduction in the production cost of paper, which in turn, fueled an expansion of printing newspapers and books.

Public literacy blossomed as education became more accepted for the emerging middle-class. Paper products such as envelope and stationery became affordable, and postal service had just begun in many countries. These factors combined to make writing to family, friends and loved ones a very fashionable pastime. A strong market developed for desk sets of writing equipment, accessories, and associated novelties, such as paperweights.

This was also a time of extreme sentimentality. Paperweights became a popular gift item to be given to loved ones as a symbol of affection. They were considered to be more charming than valuable, and were prized more for their sentimental symbolism than their cost.

Although many of the techniques for making paperweights were known by the Egyptians since about 100 B.C., no one had …

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Create Photoshop Watercolor Effect

  1. Step-1: At first, install the latest version of Photoshop in your computer. Select the photo file on which you want to create the watercolor effect. Duplicate the background layer. It is better to duplicate it three times. You can press “control j” to copy layers. Press them three times. Now turn off the two primary layers. You will notice a small icon. This tiny icon determines that the layer is visible or, not. When it is visible, it means the layers are visible and when you click on the icon it disappears, it means that the layers are no longer visible.
  2. Step-2: Select layer one and it will appear in blue color. Point your cursor on the filter menu>artistic>cutout. Right after choosing the filter, a dialogue box will appear. You will notice there are three boxes. One is for the number of levels second one is for edge simplicity and the last one is edge fidelity. Set the value of first two boxes to four and the last one as two. Click OK to save and exit.
  3. Step-3: Point your cursor to the layers palate and select the blend mode option. Click on the drop down menu, set it to
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Unlike most commonly uses cubes, MORPH concept is a lot different. It is because in this concept ‘mecons’ are used for creating 3D structures. The business cards used in building these 3D structures are artistically folded, smartly joined, strategically managed and superbly displayed to create an amazing 3D view which is an ultimate attention grabber. It’s extraordinarily appealing and colorful enough to pull people closer from a distance. It attracts awe and visibility to the art and the business cards used in the structures.

Using business cards for a piece of art is not only a brilliant concept, it is also one of the most innovative and economical way of promoting a business and boosting its sales. Business cards are not just pieces of cardboard with some letters printed on them. Every business card is a result of a very intimate and sometimes painful process of putting together everything which is important for a given business or activity. Businesses use their own brand, buildings, and employees in artwork and photography to promote their business, provide a certain aesthetic appeal, build their brand, and to enhance their corporate culture. MMORPH can be used in creating a unique 3D view with the …

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Technique Of Water Gilding

Water-based sizes are often used when gilding object surfaces with gold and other metallic leaf. However, one perception is that water sizes do not allow for burnishing after the gilding; they leave behind a gluing surface on the gold or metal-covered object that does not allow polishing and burnishing.

Water-based sizes, however, are still quite popular among artists and often used when gilding with gold leaf. Gilding with water-based glue should not be confused with water gilding.

Water gilding is a technique that results in a shiny mirror-like finish on the object and is achieved by using loose metal leaf, usually gold and silver and a water based size.

The technique of water gilding with gold leaf and size

The object surface that has to be gilded is coated with water size. The loose gold leaf is picked up carefully and placed on the gilding surface, now covered with water-based glue or size.

Care must be taken to ensure that the workplace is free of drafts and breeze. Loose gold leaf is extremely susceptible to any kind of pressure, including air currents, however weak.

When water gilding with loose leaf gold and silver, or other precious metals, ensure you follow …

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Natural Resources for Artistic Expression

Plant Source

This is the resources obtained from plants and the trees in the environment. Virtually all the parts of a plant or tree can be utilised for the production of functional artefacts. For instance, the leaves of some plant species like the palm tree can be used in producing interesting temporary hats for joyous occasions. The palm fronds or branches can be split and woven into baskets and other forms of receptacles for the storage and preservation of farm produce and personal belongings. The trunks of plant species like Sese, Asanfena, Sapele, Mahogany, Wawa and others can be used for carving beautiful and functional sculptural figures. What about the seeds from these plants? They can be stringed with a thread and used for producing various beads for body adornment. The form, shape and textures of the trees were and are powerful sources of idea development for both past and present artists. The harmonies in the colours of flowers have been mimicked by designers of packages and other visual communication tools as their colour schemes.

Animal Source

This refers to the resources obtained from animals. Paramount among them is the skins, hides and kips of both small and large animals …

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Remove a Wrinkle From a Vinyl Banner

The more “plasticizers” that are used in the manufacturing process of a vinyl banner, the softer and more supple it will be. However, we always suggest to never fold their banners, because they will wrinkle, and the wrinkles may or may not be removable. Always roll your banners, and preferably on a hard cardboard or plastic tube core so that it won’t be crushed or folded.

These types of displays are made using a loosely woven nylon fabric, which is encased in hot PVC vinyl. Once it cools, it is trimmed and rolled onto larger rolls, typically 50 yard or meter rolls, and shipped to distributors world wide. You’ll note that the vinyl banner material is not folded, but rolled, because vinyl banner material was not made to be folded.

However, if enough heat is applied, it is possible to reduce or possibly even eliminate wrinkles, dependent on how deep or heavy the wrinkle is. This a bit of a sticky wicket because too much heat will actually melt the PVC material, but not enough won’t remove the wrinkle.

My best advice is to go slowly, although you need a heat gun to get the heat you need to actually …

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Appeal of Lighted Bronze Sculptures

Artist-Quality Lighted Bronze Sculptures

Bronze is a material that never seems to go out of style. Its timeless look makes it a classic that can complement any d├ęcor. While some may purchase a mass-produced sculpture that has been outfitted with a lighting feature, it is not nearly the same quality and artistic rendering as a work by an artist whose offerings are unique and even customizable. Lighted bronze sculptures designed by a renowned artist can provide a great focal point to an interior space or even an outdoor room. Depending on the motif you prefer, a lighted bronze sculpture can enhance any room of your home as a stand-out feature.

Placement of Your Sculpture

When you commission or purchase your sculpture, you probably have the ideal space to showcase it in your home. Your sculpture can be a dramatic foyer piece or the centerpiece of your living room where it hangs above the mantle. You can employ this artwork in a bedroom, sun room, or a dining room with great effect. The lighting element will set off your sculpture to perfection so that it may better be admired. The lit feature may also provide a bit of light for dim …

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