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Start Learning To Draw

Fortunately, in an old book by John Ruskin there are some very simple drawing exercises that you could easily do at work or at home. They were printed as if they had been drawn with a dip-pen and ink. This could be just what you need to sharpen your drawing skills.

An added benefit of getting familiar with dip-pens is that you can substitute fluid watercolor paint for inks, allowing you to strengthen your paintings without a paint brush.

Although dip-pens and fountain pens are less common than ball-point and fiber-tip pens they can be great to use. When used for hand-writing you find that your writing quality improves because you need to be slightly slower and more careful. If you rush or accidentally touch the wet ink it can easily smudge and spoil. Not only that but you get the same kind of damage if you don’t let the ink dry after you have finished writing.

This might sound incredibly negative. For most people in their busy working day this would be true. When you are being rushed you can’t afford to wait.

With art it is different…

What the pen and ink gives you is a reason to

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Choose The Right Airbrush Air Supply

Different budgets will have different needs; similarly some people use their airbrush a lot more than others and as such can justify putting more initial investment into their equipment, because it seems like a worthy cause; either because it is for professional use, or they are a serious hobbyist who wants nothing but the best results. Here are the most common types of airbrush air supply:

  • Aerosol Cans – similar to a spray paint can, these are useful due to being small and therefore portable; this also allows you to get in close and manoeuvre around the work. However the main issue with canned air, is that it can lack in consistency. Because it is a supply that runs out eventually towards the end, then the airflow will reduce and this can affect the end result. If you use a lot of canned air then the costs can also mount up.
  • Bottled air – this is a similar idea, however on a much larger scale. Bottled air also has a regulator which means that the airflow is much more consistent. This results in a better finish. Bottled air can also be refilled, however due to their large size they are
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About Sfumato

Sfumato is all about not having distinct transitions from one colour or tone to another; harsh lines and borders and done away with. Instead, you’ll find that the colours and tones are subtly an effortlessly blended together to create a sort of hazy, smoky effect. The result of blending different tones together is that the lighter areas of the painting are toned down a bit and the darker areas are brightened up a bit. Using this technique enables painters to create a more accurate and realistic depiction of colour and light in their paintings. It also gives paintings more of an atmosphere and can give facial features more of an illusionistic feeling, while at the same time removing attention from what would otherwise be the painting’s focal point.

The most famous painter associated with this painting technique is Leonardo da Vinci. His painting Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous painting of all, showcases this technique. This painting is quite an early example of sfumato, but you can still see how different shades and tones blend into one another. Look at the painting and you’ll see there’s no definite transition from one colour or tone to another; all of the transitions …

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Design & Art History

A decade that ended with disillusionment and rage began on a moral high note. Thanks to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King jr, it seemed the time for racial equality in the US had finally arrived.

There is so much to write about in this era, that it is very difficult to select just one thing to focus on. Even though there is an absurd amount of art and design that stems from this time period. When we talk about the “sixties” all we seem to recognise is the music, psychedelic rock and artists like Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix in particular.

Album art and festival posters however is a good place to start. As music was a force to be reckoned with, so came the album art work and poster designs, hand in hand. One thing that seems to be re-occurring with most of the visual artists at the time is a relation with “Underground Comix”. These were small press or self published comic books, usually socially relevant and satirical in their nature. These depicted content deemed unfit and forbidden to the more strict mainstream media.

Rick Griffin:
When we look up band posters it is hard to avoid …

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Plein Air Painting Essentials

Food and drink

Have some food and drink with you in case you feel hungry or thirsty while working. You should definitely have at least some food and drink with you if you know you’re going to out there working for a good few hours. If it’s hot, water’s a must; if it’s cold, a nice hot drink in a flask is a must. Be sure to keep your drinking water away from the water you wash your brushes with!

The right clothing

When you’re in the great outdoors, you have to be able to cope with the elements and having the right clothing will help greatly. For when it’s cold, you want a few extra layers you can put on, along with a scarf, a hat and gloves for if it gets really cold. A thick windproof jacket is recommended for really harsh wintry weather. For when it’s hot, you want something you can take off for if the heat starts getting to you; a sunhat would also be good for keeping your head cool. Make sure your clothes are neutral in colour: white clothes can reflect light on to your painting and you’ll find the sunlight can actually …

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Holiday Window Painting

Now then, since all of this is still open to human painters, and since many painters and other such artists have trouble remaining gainfully employed or selling enough allow them to live a comfortable life adding to their list of offerings holiday window painting makes sense. Further it does not have to be only seasonal; Christmas, New Years, and maybe perhaps Fourth of July.

Okay so, if you are a somewhat starving artist, I can tell you that you can create a nice repeat business doing holiday window painting each and every month. If you use the right type of paint you can easily remove the old and paint the new.

Retailers will not have to pay window cleaners because you will take off the old and put on the new as part of your monthly or bi-monthly service as you put on new themes for various holidays or sales. How much should you charge? Well, you might charge $60-75 for small retailer store front and upwards of $250 for larger retailers or even $450 – $500 for very large retailers and do all of their chain stores in the region. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you could find …

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Types Of Watercolour Washes

The Flat Wash

This is one of the most basic watercolour painting techniques. Mastering this will help you improve your skills at watercolour painting. What this technique involves is covering a substantial part of the canvas with a smooth layer of paint. The great thing about this technique is that it’s really easy to learn. All you have to do is get a flat paintbrush, wet it, apply some paint to it, then slowly and gently move the brush across the canvas. Using a larger brush helps you cover more of the canvas in fewer goes. When moving the paintbrush, be sure to apply as little pressure as possible. Once you’ve done one stroke, load your paintbrush up again and do another stroke, just slightly overlapping it with the bottom of the previous stroke. By doing this you should be able to create a smooth and even area of paint, though simple as it seems, it can take a bit of practice to get right.


The wet-on-wet technique is another great technique to learn because of the effects it can create. Like the flat wash technique, it’s very easy to use, though it may take a few tries to …

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Tricks to Be More Creative


Get those endorphins flowing. Exercise is stress-reliever as well as a creative trigger, and mindless repetition is the secret to letting your creative mind wander. And just remember, no matter how much you loath this project, thinking about it is still better than stumbling your way through a treadmill workout wishing you could have a cheeseburger. It helps to get some perspective.

Take a Shower.

After all that exercise trying to force creativity, you’re still sweating desperation. Right now you reek of it. Okay, maybe not, but the shower is an excellent place to drown out the world and relax your mind enough to let it wander. And a mind with wanderlust is the fertilizer for new ideas.

Sleep on It.

This is why you always did better on exams when you fell asleep on top of the book rather than cramming right before the test. Your mind requires sleep, and the sleep actually helps you organize your thoughts and shakes new things free. It provides you with a way to look at old problems in a new way.

Be Curious.

What project are you working on? Is it for a client, or about a certain subject? Do some …

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Fascinating World of Pigments and Paints

The element in paints that is responsible for lending color to several applications is pigments. Pigments hold a place of great importance in the paint industry with huge quantities of the several varieties being used for different purposes. Pigments in paints act as colorants in commercial, industrial and decorative applications. The different type of pigments for paints can be listed as below:

Earth Colour Pigments: These are obtained from natural sources and are classified as inorganic pigments. They are weather resistant, light fast and chemical fast. Some examples under this category are Umber, Ocher, Swedish red, Bolus etc.

Mineral Pigments: These are classified as synthetic inorganic pigments. A few of the pigments included in this category are Chrome oxide green, Titanium dioxide, Ultramarine variety of pigment blue, Iron oxide yellow, Nickel titanium yellow etc.

Plant Colour Pigments: These are obtained from natural organic pigments available in plants. Some examples that come in this category are Saffron, Indigo, Alizarin red, Reseda, Woad etc.

Synthetic Pigments: Some synthetic pigments also find their way into the paint industry. Phthalocyanine, Azo, Dioxazine are just to name a few of them.

The pigment in paints not only acts as a colorant but also offers the …

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Floral Art Paintings

A painting that depicts flowers can do great wonders to your soul and spirit. A flower may appear as an innocuous little thing. But it can convey emotions and happiness in a brilliant and effortless way. So, when you steal a passing glance at such a painting hanging in your wall, your eyes automatically earn pleasure and enhance your mood.

Flower paintings have been popular amongst the artists since time immemorial. A number of renowned artists have used floral paintings to manifest a bouquet of emotions and even tell stories in a silent and subtle way. While hanging a painting of a flower in your living room, you can make certain choices.

For instance, if you have recently tied the knot and aspire to spread an ambience of love in your home, then you can opt for a painting which shows one or more red roses. In case you need something to elicit smile on your face, then a yellow daffodil will also be a great choice.

Flowers have this happy personality which can brush on to you very easily. So when you put up a picture of a floral art in your rooms, then you can expect a revival …

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