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Ageless Banner

Some churches will still use the traditional concept of hanging banners in the pulpit and with the change of the season different colored banners will be hung according to their tradition. Families, even today, proudly display the family coat of arms or crest and yes, our town officials still string up banners to announce festivals, fairs and upcoming events. Banners are widely popular at sporting arenas and outdoor events. The lightweight material is easy to transport and its versatility is limitless. The oldest form of signage is still being used today to send specific messages.

Banners may still be used to communicate but the material used has changed significantly. Depending on the location of where the banner will be hung, whether the banner will be hung outdoors or inside buildings will determine the type of material that should be used. An expert sign company will know whether to use vinyl, cloth, paper or nylon mesh. To take advantage of delivering a distinctive message, use your words sparingly. Overpowering artwork, illegible font and pale colored lettering makes for a vague and unclear message. Remember, banners are an ageless medium for delivering specific messages.

Displaying your banner is as easy as tying …

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Plein Air for Inspiration

Of course this Plein Air technique is not always convenient, mainly due to inclement weather conditions and the artist ends up in his studio burnt out and wondering what to paint next. Most artists, including myself have suffered this mental block on more than one occasion and usually the remedy is to just take a short break. This lack of productivity sometimes persists, however, so in an attempt to overcome this I decided one day to try a different approach.

Instead of relying on visual reference for inspiration I switched to imagination as my source and began to invent. Using white oil paint I prepared ten small boards and started scratching into semi-wet underpaintings my own invented compositions of whimsical houses and windswept trees. Empty spaces were filled with water tanks, fence posts and quirky farm animals. The following day I applied different colors blending one into the other working from background to foreground. When dry these colors were further enhanced with the application of transparent glazes.

This new approach was mentally refreshing as I was using a different part of my brain to produce invented compositions and color schemes. It was an exercise in use of imagination. The basic …

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Start Learning To Draw

Fortunately, in an old book by John Ruskin there are some very simple drawing exercises that you could easily do at work or at home. They were printed as if they had been drawn with a dip-pen and ink. This could be just what you need to sharpen your drawing skills.

An added benefit of getting familiar with dip-pens is that you can substitute fluid watercolor paint for inks, allowing you to strengthen your paintings without a paint brush.

Although dip-pens and fountain pens are less common than ball-point and fiber-tip pens they can be great to use. When used for hand-writing you find that your writing quality improves because you need to be slightly slower and more careful. If you rush or accidentally touch the wet ink it can easily smudge and spoil. Not only that but you get the same kind of damage if you don’t let the ink dry after you have finished writing.

This might sound incredibly negative. For most people in their busy working day this would be true. When you are being rushed you can’t afford to wait.

With art it is different…

What the pen and ink gives you is a reason to

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Choose The Right Airbrush Air Supply

Different budgets will have different needs; similarly some people use their airbrush a lot more than others and as such can justify putting more initial investment into their equipment, because it seems like a worthy cause; either because it is for professional use, or they are a serious hobbyist who wants nothing but the best results. Here are the most common types of airbrush air supply:

  • Aerosol Cans – similar to a spray paint can, these are useful due to being small and therefore portable; this also allows you to get in close and manoeuvre around the work. However the main issue with canned air, is that it can lack in consistency. Because it is a supply that runs out eventually towards the end, then the airflow will reduce and this can affect the end result. If you use a lot of canned air then the costs can also mount up.
  • Bottled air – this is a similar idea, however on a much larger scale. Bottled air also has a regulator which means that the airflow is much more consistent. This results in a better finish. Bottled air can also be refilled, however due to their large size they are
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Advantages Of Having A Home Art Studio

It’s cheap

Having a home art studio means you don’t have to fork out money regularly to rent a studio outside of your home. Lots of artists enjoy having their working space away from home so they rent studio space, but obviously it’s a lot cheaper to just have your working space at home so you don’t have to worry about renting out studio space, as well as potentially paying for transport. If you don’t mind working from home, having a home art studio will save you a lot of money in the long run.

It’s accessible

Your work space is there whenever you want to use it. Whenever you feel like getting some work done, no matter what time of day it is, you can settle down in your studio and crack on. If your studio space is somewhere away from home, you might not be able to access it that easily. Most artist studios will be open 24/7, but depending on how far away from home it is, there’s the issue of getting there to consider, and getting there can take time. Having a home art studio could save you a lot of time.

It can help your

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True to his words Pierre Auguste Renoir painted beautiful canvases that came alive with flowers, people, lush landscapes, and nudes so sensual, he felt he could pinch them. His delight in life of the Parisian street corner was intense. So much that he side-stepped academic studio practices of the nineteenth century to paint everyday scenes. When his exasperated art master remarked “No doubt you took up painting just to amuse yourself”, Renoir cheekily replied, “If it didn’t amuse me I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Born to needle-pusher parents at Limoges France in 1841, Renoir was noted as the child with the beautiful voice. But even at an early age he was clear that a musical career was ‘not his thing’. When his family moved to a house in the courtyard of Louvre in Paris, it brought him in close proximity with the Old Masters of art. Renoir’s first job was at a porcelain factory painting silhouettes of Marie-Antoinette on fine white cups. Accomplished at the job, he earned a comfortable income. However, his job was made obsolete by the introduction of a mechanical printing process.

Aged twenty-one years, Renoir now joined a well-known art school run by Charles Gleyre. Traditional …

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Technique Of Water Gilding

Water-based sizes are often used when gilding object surfaces with gold and other metallic leaf. However, one perception is that water sizes do not allow for burnishing after the gilding; they leave behind a gluing surface on the gold or metal-covered object that does not allow polishing and burnishing.

Water-based sizes, however, are still quite popular among artists and often used when gilding with gold leaf. Gilding with water-based glue should not be confused with water gilding.

Water gilding is a technique that results in a shiny mirror-like finish on the object and is achieved by using loose metal leaf, usually gold and silver and a water based size.

The technique of water gilding with gold leaf and size

The object surface that has to be gilded is coated with water size. The loose gold leaf is picked up carefully and placed on the gilding surface, now covered with water-based glue or size.

Care must be taken to ensure that the workplace is free of drafts and breeze. Loose gold leaf is extremely susceptible to any kind of pressure, including air currents, however weak.

When water gilding with loose leaf gold and silver, or other precious metals, ensure you follow …

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About Sfumato

Sfumato is all about not having distinct transitions from one colour or tone to another; harsh lines and borders and done away with. Instead, you’ll find that the colours and tones are subtly an effortlessly blended together to create a sort of hazy, smoky effect. The result of blending different tones together is that the lighter areas of the painting are toned down a bit and the darker areas are brightened up a bit. Using this technique enables painters to create a more accurate and realistic depiction of colour and light in their paintings. It also gives paintings more of an atmosphere and can give facial features more of an illusionistic feeling, while at the same time removing attention from what would otherwise be the painting’s focal point.

The most famous painter associated with this painting technique is Leonardo da Vinci. His painting Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous painting of all, showcases this technique. This painting is quite an early example of sfumato, but you can still see how different shades and tones blend into one another. Look at the painting and you’ll see there’s no definite transition from one colour or tone to another; all of the transitions …

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Ideas for a Theatre Rental


A theatre can be a dramatic, one-of-a-kind location for a wedding ceremony. Guests can sit comfortably in the audience seats while the bride and groom exchange their vows on stage. This is a perfect setting for drama buffs, movie lovers, or anyone who wants a unique setting without resorting to the outdoors. Old spaces are especially well suited for this, as many have interesting architectural details that will be lovely in photos. Décor can be minimal. Consider designing invitations to resemble old playbills. For a fun favour for guests, serve popcorn in old-fashioned containers commemorated with the bride and groom’s names and the date of the wedding.

Birthday Parties

Consider a theatre rental for a fun, memorable birthday party. Many locations allow the use of their facilities for birthdays, and some even include the food, balloons, and décor. This venue is perfect for a large group, and it is the ideal time to get all the kids together to see the newest animated release, teen-friendly action flick, or age-appropriate comedy. Parents may just need to ask for permission to bring in a cake and candles. Bonus: someone else gets to clean up after the party!

Photo Shoots

A theatre …

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Diversity With Style

Anila spent her childhood in the vast green fields of the Punjab plains where she might have observed the nature with all her warmth and sooth. Today, her canvases display the linkage of the artist with nature and environment around her whether it is a landscape or a cityscape.

Small frames, intricate weaving of the tiny brushstrokes and depth in perspective are the elements that are quite remarkable in her work. Anila is a kind of painter who does not work on the spot but even then; she is always keen on observing and then painting the atmosphere, its effects and influences that it casts on her. She tries to capture the changing effect of the light and fall within the impressionistic approach. However, her small-scale and intricate rendering shows her style closed to minimalism.

Recently, Anila has put on display her first solo show under the title of… In this show; one can see an array of small size frames that Anila has painted in a convoluted manner where she seems to be playing with the stylized perspective and visual compositions overwhelmed and based on the recollection, she keeps on observing in her everyday life. Specifically, she has made …

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