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Art of the Information Age

Digital art originated in the 1970s and therefore could be described as fairly new, which plays into how it is not embraced as traditional art in a sense. Some suggest that it takes away from the artist’s essence, that it falls short due to the more virtual and less physical interaction the artist has with the medium. However, if one were to try to discount the digital art process by saying it is easy as if assembling something with step-by-step instructions that would be an incorrect viewpoint. A digital artist utilizes many different traditional skills during their creative process. The digital artist sculpts a subject, much the same as how figure is sculpted with clay. Then color and texture is added the same way a painter would for a traditional painting. Lighting and angle must be represented as if using a camera for photography, adjusting for the desired effect. Everything taken into consideration, it would seem that one cannot be just simply able to manipulate digital, but know how to do so with a combination of artistic skill sets.

Most of us are familiar with how the use of CGI has greatly enhanced visual illusions within the cinematic arts. Movie …

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Paintings by Picasso

  • Picador
    His first recorded horse painting in oils was of a picador dressed in yellow, mounted on a horse and it was painted when he was only 9.
  • Boy Leading a Horse
    An early work from 1906, the horse stance is taken from a famous painting by Mantegna and the horse has a symbolic role, much interpreted by art critics. The boy is leading the horse but there are no reins, just the hand position. The naked boy represents Picasso himself. The painting can be seen in the New York Museum of Modern Art.
  • Harlequin On Horseback
    Picasso used the image of the harlequin or jester throughout his career as his alter ego. Here the harlequin is dressed in bright red and mounted on a black horse. It is a very still image, almost sad with the harlequin looking off in one direction and the horse in the other. 1905
  • Curtain for the ballet ‘Parade” – shows a winged pegasus and foal on stage 1917. Picasso was involved in no less than eight ballet and drama productions between 1914 and 1924. The most important of these was the ballet Parade written by Jean Cocteau with a futuristic concept blending theatre,
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Finding Inspiration for Art

I had a beginner’s book, of course, and I had looked through and decided to have a go at a landscape picture. After all, that is what watercolour is all about, isn’t it? A mountain lake with the clouds reflecting in the water, or a sunset over the sea with perhaps a small boat at anchor to add atmosphere. As I started to paint, I realized that this sort of picture is a harder to achieve than it looks. That was OK, as I was not green enough to expect painting to be easy, even with decent materials. What I hadn’t expected t find was that I was deeply bored by the activity. Really, bored to my very core. I couldn’t care less about the subject I was laboriously painting, and it showed. Landscapes were not, and are not, for me.

Please don’t think I am dismissing landscapes, as I have seen many fine versions produced by artists who have a feel for the subject, and which I absolutely love. My point is just that – good paintings are made by artists who love their work, and you can’t expect to do a great job with something that doesn’t move …

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Realistic Pencil Drawings

From cartoons to architecture, it’s as flexible as a rubber band and we never cease to be amazed at pencil art drawings. The trending art topic at the moment is realistic pencil drawings. Hyper-realistic pencil drawings have emerged as a label that realistic pencil drawings encompass.

There are artists who are currently producing phenomenal pencil sketch creations that look even more real than a photograph. This may seem like a lofty ideal for many, this article explores the concept of how to create exceptional drawing sketches by embracing the creative penchants unique to each artist (and aspiring artist).

Top tips for cultivating an inner wealth of drawing inspiration:

  • Keep a journal, they are your inspiration base station! It doesn’t matter where you are or whom you are with, your journal will always afford you with inspiration for your drawing sketches at your fingertips. Whatever your muse, you can whip out your diary of creative stimuli and enjoy some sketching. Having a book of open pages with you is an exceptional way to encourage practice. They can be your private pages or for everyone to see. In this way, you will easily cultivate your own artist’s style and begin drawing sketches
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Russell Flint

All accomplished commercial artists have to come up with their own personal style and Russell Flint was no exception to the rule. He used to love and even painted scenes he would see on the British Isles. He also painted scenes of the French countryside and also did street scenes of the famous flamenco dancers from Spain. This is what later became to be his main area of interest later on in his career. His fame was attributed to his watercolour paintings of beautiful women which also included nude painting.

Since photography was not that developed in his early career, Russell Flint made use of live modelled with which he enjoyed long-running relationships. He also used these models to create watercolour paintings which used to start with pencil drawings of his subjects. Of all his models, the most prominent ones were Cecilia Green, who modelled for 13 years and Margaret Covenay, who had a very engaging charm and was very beautifully illustrated in his artwork.

Both models had personalities and traits that were portrayed in Russell’s paintings with a very accurate precision. He would ask the models themselves to critique his paintings. Russell believed that a wise artist is one …

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Modern Wall Art Paintings

With urbanization kicking in, people are fast shifting basic settlements to elite houses and mansions. Even the furniture has gone through a sea change in the current decade. So, to match these new settings and the new style of decor, it becomes imperative to hang some contemporary art works in your living room and bedroom.

Modern wall art painting is not an un-heard form of art, despite the fact that its origin is fairly new. Keeping in tune with the changed lifestyle and decor, this art has been developed to breathe freshness to contemporary homes. It won’t be wrong to cite that it has its roots in old forms of arts and is obliged heavily to its more archaic ancestors.

Having said that, one must acknowledge that it has maintained its own stead, and has always been accepted as a distinct form of contemporary art! The texture is finer and the detailing can be a lot nuanced. These paintings may emulate the past or take inspiration from some other forms of art, but they never fail to manifest their originality.

Though, wall paintings can be hung in all sorts of houses, they are more suited to urban houses where the …

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Different Types Of Acrylic Paint

Heavy-body acrylic paint

This type of paint is quite similar to oil paint in that it’s really thick. This is a really good type of paint to use if you like your paintings to have lots of texture. With heavy-body paint, you can easily use the impasto technique, where dramatic brush strokes and thick applications are used to create the impression that the paint is coming out of the canvas. Oil paints are usually suggested for this particular technique, though heavy-body acrylics have the advantage of a faster drying time. This type of acrylic paint is also really good for blending and mixing colours together: with heavy-body acrylics you can create loads of rich colours that you can’t create as easily with standard acrylics.

Slow-drying acrylic paint

One of the key properties of acrylics is that they dry really fast. Lots of artists prefer to use acrylics over watercolours and oils because the fast drying time means they can get their painting done quickly. With slow-drying acrylic paint, also known as open acrylic paint, you get all the benefits of acrylics, plus more time to work with the paint. Slow-drying acrylics can take anywhere from a day to even a …

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Salvador Dali

What was the ultimate source of Dali’s creative energy? Salvador Dali have claimed that exhibitionism and eccentricity as the sources of his energy. You can see a wide range of strange hallucinatory characters throughout his paintings. Some of the great works of this world famous Spanish painter include burning giraffes and flowing watches in a calm landscape. Dali himself described his paintings as the dream photographs painted with hands. Dali was in Italy during 1930s and moved to USA in the year 1940. During 1940s Salvador Dali was focusing more on paintings with religious themes. Crucification of Saint John completed in the year 1951 is a fine example of his famous work with religious theme.

Now we will look into the works of Dali for theatre. Do you know the surrealist films made by this Spanish artist? L’ge’ d’or, made with the help of Luis Bunuel in 1930 is a fine example for his theatre work. L’ge’ d’or literally means Golden Age. Similar to Golden Age, Andalusian Dog is another famous Surrealistic film made by Dali with the help of a Spanish director named Luis Bunuel. Apart from amazing theatre work, novel (Hidden Faces) written by Dali in the year …

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Major Aspects of Fine Art

Defining Old Master

Old Masters can be classified as artists who worked earlier than the seventeenth century. However, this definition of Old Master often differs as one may observe when they are browsing paintings showcased in museums. Some artists like Eugene Delacroix are not termed as old masters and yet they were in existence in the 17th century. Others who came much later are classified as old masters. It is not clear as to what criterion is used to classify old masters but most of the famous painters like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci certainly are Old Masters. However, their standing does not surpass that of old painters like Donatello and El Greco.

Evoking emotion

The major aim of any form of fine art is to evoke some kind of emotion in the viewer. This can be pain, joy, ecstasy or sorrow. Paintings therefore embody the largest form of art as they are able to bring out emotions in the people viewing them better than other genres. The experience of viewing it may be different from one person to the next; hence it has a subjective nature. This however does not mean that it cannot have a specified message it …

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Unique Rangoli Art

Different materials used for rangoli

The materials used in making these designs bring a lot of uniqueness to them. Besides conventional colors and rice flour, other materials can be used to great effect. Grains and pulses bring a unique twist to conventional designs. You can use green gram for green and masoor dal for orange colors. Strategic placement of marbles also brings a unique twist to the design. You can also use bamboo sticks, matchsticks and even toothpicks to give a distinct appeal to your design. Another great idea is to use rice grains. The advantage of using rice is that all colors mix well with wet rice. So, add a bit of water to rice gains and put color powder and mix well. Let the colored rice dry before using. Use of flower petals and leaves also brings distinctness to rangoli.

Apart from these, you can embellish your rangoli with beads, kundans, differently cut mirrors, dried flowers, pearls and pearl strings, round pebbles, candles, the eye of peacock feathers, small diyas and a whole lot of different materials. Once you get the hang of using different kinds of materials, you will be able to use any material including scrap …

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