Appreciation to Oil Painting

March 24, 2019 Off By Gregory

All the characters in the painting were arranged in a half round and the center was the painter’s image. The unified hot and stuffy atmosphere broke the too bright colors that appeared in Courbet’s scenery painting. The uniform colors were based on different color brown tones. The massive walls, the rose, blue and brown tone of the infinite soft terms was a masterpiece. The naked human body model was one of Courbet’s most successful human bodies, although she was based on the photos. All the volumes were expressed by the light and shadow. And the pink clothes thrown on the floor was a wonderful still life painting. Portraits of friends were taken from Courbet’s past works. So, what we saw here was a memory and a real fantasy, which did not show the intention of the realism of Courbet.

Compared this painting with A Burial at Ornans, we can clearly see the benefits that Courbet got out from the reality of bondage and invested himself in this warmth. The characters were portrayed clearly and seemed to be independent, only relying on the strong atmosphere of independence to get the painting of unity. Therefore the comparison of self-contained unity and the elegant feelings were made. The giant painting showed the artist’s ability strong grasp of complex composition and the painter’s realistic modeling and color painting techniques. The image was filled with texture and sense. All this showed that Courbet was a great master of realism. In 1855, Paris hosted the world-famous painting exhibition and the review committee rejected this painting, because this painting possessed a socialist nature. Then the artist decided to rent a house next to the world exhibition to show this painting and entitled it “Realism Exhibition” and published “The Realism Manifesto”. Here was the name of Realism art schools from.