Ageless Banner

June 13, 2019 Off By Gregory

Some churches will still use the traditional concept of hanging banners in the pulpit and with the change of the season different colored banners will be hung according to their tradition. Families, even today, proudly display the family coat of arms or crest and yes, our town officials still string up banners to announce festivals, fairs and upcoming events. Banners are widely popular at sporting arenas and outdoor events. The lightweight material is easy to transport and its versatility is limitless. The oldest form of signage is still being used today to send specific messages.

Banners may still be used to communicate but the material used has changed significantly. Depending on the location of where the banner will be hung, whether the banner will be hung outdoors or inside buildings will determine the type of material that should be used. An expert sign company will know whether to use vinyl, cloth, paper or nylon mesh. To take advantage of delivering a distinctive message, use your words sparingly. Overpowering artwork, illegible font and pale colored lettering makes for a vague and unclear message. Remember, banners are an ageless medium for delivering specific messages.

Displaying your banner is as easy as tying a knot or so you would think. Paper banners, like the ones we made in high school to display our love for our team would inevitably fail to remain taped to the wall or one corner seemed to always drag. That was a failed message but in hindsight; it was probably too long and too heavy. Cloth banners can be folded over and sewn with an opening to thread over a wooden or metal dowel; that method seems to work best for cloth like banners. Mesh and vinyl banners are hung by cords strung through metal grommets making the message stand up so it is easier to be read.

Whether you want to announce a grand opening, attract attention at a trade show, or cheer on your team, banners are the perfect solution today as it was many years ago. Technological advances give the sign industry durable material, higher quality graphics, bold lettering, and easily designed logos to convey a pointed message.