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Get the Right Supplies for Cartoon Drawing

Getting the Right Paper

Your paper should be on the top of your list. You will want a type of paper that is not too smooth because smooth paper can lead to smears and faint lines. You will also want to avoid very rough paper because the lines could get thick, fuzzy, and hard to control.

Bristol paper and Vellum paper are some of the most popular types used by professional cartoonists. Comic book artists tend to use Vellum because of the texture – it is just smooth enough to avoid unnecessary thick, fuzzy pencil lines but not too smooth to cause severe smears or smudges. Bristol has several variants so take some time to find which one works best for you. Sometimes simple Oslo or Office Printing Paper can do well and a lot of cartoonists use these papers for sketches.

Getting the Right Pencil

The pencil is going to be your bread and butter. Cartoon drawings tend to rely on two kinds of lines – one faint line and one thick line for borders and emphasis lines. However, you need three, not two, types of pencils.

Go to any office supply store and look at the pencils. You …

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William Morris

His prolific talent was awe-inspiring and staggeringly prodigious, covering all aspects of Art and Craft from Stained Glass, Embroidery, Painting, Writing, Poetry, Tapestries and Textiles, Ecclesiastical Decoration, through to Printing and was probably the greatest and most influential of the artists and designers of the 20th Century.

Reviving many ancient crafts, tapestry weaving amongst them, was an opportunity to do this. Such was his enthusiasm he built a high-warp loom in his bedroom and taught himself to weave from an 18th century French craft manual, visiting French weavers and the ailing Aubusson factory.

With friends such as Edward Burne-Jones, John Henry Dearle, Ford Maddox Brown and Dante Gabriel Rossetti they formed Morris & Co. An important part of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement and Arts & Crafts movements in which he played an influential part. Their influence was spread far and wide from architecture to gardens.

They designed tapestries based on medieval styles and techniques and became a commercial success reviving the ancient craft. He is perhaps best known for his magnificent ‘Tree of Life’ tapestry.

Marianne Stokes, the distinguished artist and a member of the Royal Academy was part of the Morris & Co elite coterie designing the magnificent ‘Ehret die …

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