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About Impasto

Other types of paint can be used with the impasto technique: you’ll find that acrylics lend themselves quite well to this technique, though not as well as oils. If you want to use watercolours for this technique, you’ll have to add some sort of thickening agent to them to make them suitable for impasto. Most impasto paintings are done with oils – even if you’re painting with oils, you can still add mediums to the paint to make it even thicker. As for brushes, you should use any brush that’s capable of holding a lot of paint. Similarly if you’re using a knife, use one that can easily hold lots of paint.

The impasto technique is quite easy to master. Simply load your brush or knife with much more paint than you’d normally need and apply it thickly to the canvas. Instead of spreading it out, you want to leave it in a lump of sorts – the whole idea of this technique is to have raised bits of paint. Use palette knives to help fashion the paint into the shape you want. Don’t worry about leaving marks from brushes or knives – again with impasto, you want rough texture …

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Importance of Colour Modes for Graphic Design Artwork


RGB colour mode is primarily used working on graphics to be displayed on television or computer monitors (i.e. websites or video) Red, Green and Blue are the primary colours when working with Light. So how can you tell it uses RGB, look very closely at your screen to see a small pattern including Red, Green and Blue dots (RGB colours). When RGB colours are blended together equally and it creates white none of the colours present black is created. This colour is known specifically as ADDICTIVE COLOUR.

The secondary colours are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. A simple theory is imagining sitting in a dark room with no light at all the wall in front of you will appear black. Now with three friends sitting directly behind you were to shine three lights Red, Green and blue, the three colours would appear and any overlap creates the white light.

Red and Green create Yellow light, Green and blue create Cyan and blue and Red create magenta light. But interestingly when the three colours combine together equally they then create White. This is called RGB colour mode and is why it is used on video and website design graphics.


This …

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Poster Printing

Important: Just because you have the latest copy of Microsoft Word or a basic drawing program does not make you an effective poster designer. There are certain guidelines you must follow when developing an effective, eye-catching poster in terms of fonts, colours, size etc.

A professional poster designer will be able to not only provide you with a great design but also advise you on the correct paper type based on where the poster will be displayed. For example, a poster that is south facing, outside and by the coast consequently exposed to high levels of UV and rain will need to be printed on different paper than a poster that will be displayed indoors, within a poster frame.

Keeping your initial design ideas simple is paramount. Choose a design that your market can relate to. Don’t overcrowd the paper and keep your wording simple so that all ages and types of different potential customers that pass by will be able to understand it. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” You only need to look at any Apple products to see the truth in that quote.

Another factor that you will need to think about is the …

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Fantasy Artwork

Fantasy Artwork is a fairly new concept, although it has now been accepted into mainstream artwork. You can just imagine someone sitting there in class, doodling away, trying to get rid of that haunting image that plagues him. Gradually this young person was drawing beautiful colour images that he draped upon his wall in pride, some of the fantasy pictures he was creating no doubt disturbed their parents, although it really did provide a release, a way to really express inner thoughts, whether it is feelings of ‘death’ or maybe even great power. Fantasy Artwork quickly spread across the globe at this point, mainly in poster form.

However, the internet and computers in general have really taken fantasy pictures to the next level. Some of the most common fantasy images are based around books, after all, when you read a book, your mind conjures up images about the world, and therefore every picture will be different. With a number of ‘fandoms’ out there, it finally gave people the creative outlet in order to express the images that haunted them, they knew somebody would understand the sort of images they were creating.

Many of the brilliant creators of Fantasy Artwork have …

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Painting by Daylight

The new enthusiasm for recording ‘impressions’ of a scene and an emphasis on using colour from a scientific perception – as a property of light – combined to enshrine the idea of daylight as best for all painters. I’m one painter firmly in opposition to that idea.

  • In the first place, surely there can be no single ‘Right Way’ of making art. In every time and place art was produced according to one over-arching style, an authoritarian system ruled the society and its artists.

We see the evidence in the stylistic uniformity of art produced by Stone Age Australians, the art of ancient Egypt and in the prohibitions on depicting human figures in Jewish and Islamic art. In modern times, only ‘Social Realism’ gained official approval in Soviet Russia and Mao’s China and still in North Korea.

  • Other arguments against painting outdoors involve the hazards of unpredictable weather.
  1. Rain. Just a light shower may ruin a watercolour but oil paintings are vulnerable too. Although works in oil on canvas are extremely durable, as evidenced by the 500-year-old paintings in art museums around the world, moisture on a canvas in progress can lead to a condition called ‘bloom.’ This results in
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Using Art To Make A Difference

This method of approaching life would benefit you in number of ways depending on the means you have chosen to communicate through. You can be able to express what you feel easily through visual format whereby you express what you have inside through pictures. Every weight you fee inside would easily be relieved because it is possible.

One amazing thing about this method of visual art is that it is possible for anyone to use it. Your life will be improved and stress will head out through the door of your life. Through this method, what you cannot put down in words would be seen in the pictures you create and your emotions will be released easily.

The audio method uses music to create that peaceful environment that the artist wants. Inner peace would be achieved after the exterior peace has prevailed. If there is something that you want to tell the people about yourself or someone else; you can pass it through a well written and sang song. Music moves souls and the message will be driven home effectively.

Dance therapy is another form of art healing that would relieve you off those stressful moments you have been going …

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Poster Design

According to some research, people don’t generally look at a poster for more than 1 minute and you will be lucky if they even actually stop to read therefore, in order to attract more attention than a two second brief stare, you will need to make your poster visually captivating and reduce your message right down to it’s basic form. People simply won’t have time or patience to read anything longer that 1 line.

It is also important that your poster reflects the company image you want to be perceived as. For example, if the poster is for your business you will want it to look professional and have an air of high-end quality about it, if the poster is to advertise a charity you might want it to be printed on recycled paper.

Your poster needs to.. (in no particular order)

  1. Convey your message without going into too much detail.
  2. Have a clear, clean and crisp design. Clutter on a poster is bad practice.
  3. Not use jargon. Always keep your language simple.
  4. Be alluring and attractive.
  5. Be able to be read from at least 3 metres away.


  1. Forget to get somebody to proof read you design
  2. Use
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Create Event Stage Design

This goes without saying that it calls for ample efforts on the part of the event managers to arrange everything that is needed to achieve perfection with the event. Here are some tips that will help you create the maximum impact on the audience.

  • Ensure the Audio Is Loud and Clear – Quality sound is of utmost significance in case of any event. It helps to convey the right messages to the audience. This helps to enhance the overall optimistic audience experience. Ensure that there is an effective sound distribution across the venue. It is essential to place at least one speaker in every corner of the room. 4 speakers are required for a 200 capacity event.
  • Use Appropriate Lighting – Lighting must be properly placed for every individual who will be standing on the stage at various heights. Though it may seem surprising but stage lighting is often the most underestimated and forgotten thing. But it plays a pivotal role not only during the event but also for the videography and the photos. You should use the console to control the lighting of the entire room. You also should not go for just one profile light for the speaker.
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Face Painting Products

With so much choice, how do you go about choosing the best and most suitable products? It is important that you do not buy paints that are not suitable for face or body painting. This is due to the fact that they are not suitable to be used on the face, especially a child’s face, so make sure that you buy face paints that are designed especially for the job. Of course, these are likely to cost more, however, given the alternative, which is the possibility of injury being caused by substandard paints; it is well worth shelling out that little bit extra.

Of course, once you have bought the paints, you will also need to buy other items such as brushes and sponges in order to apply the paint. These will also need to be supplies that are designed especially for the task of face painting, as sponges and brushes can also cause allergic reactions if they have not been designed with that in mind.

Painting supplies is easy. A quick search of the internet is all you need to do in order to find a plethora of different companies that are in a position to sell you professional …

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Typography Best Practices

Emojis = Pictures + Character (Jennifer Daniel, Google Emoji)
Emojis are images that may translate into different meanings across different devices. Jennifer gave an example about how the “dumpling” emoji looks different across different chat platforms -every culture has a dumpling!
I found an interesting tension in this statement -emojis should have a consistent user experience (across platforms), yet still be personalized to their users.

Ubiquitous type is can cause user confusion (Mr. Keedy)
Mr. Keedy created Keedy Sans, a popular font in the 90’s. The font was considered “uncool” 10 years later and used everywhere. Keedy sans is used on teenage girl makeup packaging, as well as winebars. This could create a bad user experience for people because of lack of branding. Last year, Mr. Keedy refreshed his font -to create greater customization and allow Keedy fans to layer the font for interesting visual effects.

Braille is a form of typography (Ellen Lupton, Cooper Hewitt)
Ellen talked about how blind individuals read Braille in a unique way -holding it across their body. She also demonstrated a blind person’s experience watching music videos by showing the accessibility voiceover.

Brand holds content together with design (Gale Bichler, NYTimes)
Gale foused on …

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