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Lighting for Art Shows

Ambient lighting should not be ignored just because there will be some already at the venue. Do not expect that what is provided will be adequate for display purposes no matter if it will be held inside or outside. With that in mind, you should also not rely on using just one lamp; it is best to have several lights throughout your display area. This will make a better impression and add dimension to your art show display.

Use accent lighting to enhance specific items and to draw interest to your display. Flexible arm or clamp lights are good for creating spotlights on artwork. These may be purchased at reasonable cost from electronics, furniture, and large home or hardware supply stores. If you go to an art store to purchase lighting you will find that the prices are significantly higher.

Display lights come in different styles that can complement the individual artwork that is being illuminated. Using multiple separate bulbs does present the issue of the electrical power cord being in plain view and difficult to hide. You may resort to using tape and fabric draping to address this issue. Alternatively, you may find battery-powered portable lights that are usually …

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Art Collectors


So subjective and personal to the individual is the perception of ‘Taste’ it’s a futile topic for open debate or even discussion. It’s a question people will answer in a way unique to themselves.


In the field of Visual Art alone, the choice is mind-bending. Try making a mental catalog of genre and medium in each of the categories of Drawings, Paintings, Prints and Sculpture. Soon enough, you’ll be feeling on the dizzy edge of the abyss. Some benefit can be derived from the grouping together of those people who prefer one Period or Movement above all others. As a result, dealers wouldn’t approach a well-known collector of 19th century landscapes with the offering of a Rothko or Pollock. Neither would a gallery owner invite a regular buyer of watercolour botanicals to the opening night of an ‘performance’ exhibition.


Asking why people do the things they do is as dependent on circumstances as the old query about ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Possible answers number as many as the variables implied in the question. Answers may include: pure benevolence, public spirit, business promotion, self-promotion, compensation for a deprived childhood, status-seeking, simple vanity or greed, the …

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Art And Culture In Bahamas

For the art lovers the Island offers a lot of art galleries where appreciations and passion for art are appreciated. There are vibrant drawings placed on display that portray the way of life in the Island. The artistic pieces are priceless and it is for this question that there are several exhibitions to show case them.

The official language of these people is English but some speak in Bahamian dialect which is a mixture of the two. There are several genres of music that the Island people listen to like Jamaican reggae, Caribbean Calypso, Soca from Trinidad and American inspired Hip hop and rap. There are great Bahamian singers whose songs are popular like Ronnie Butler, Brilanders and MacKlyn.

There is some African influence on the art and culture of these people especially on the Bahamian dialect where African expressions and words have been retained. It borrows some words from the Yoruba, Fulani and Kongo. The most common religion in Bahamas is Christianity with a total of almost 95% believers. The denominations are Baptist, Methodist, Catholic and Anglican. Bahamas has more churches per capita which is the highest than any other country.

Before the advent of the modern television, there …

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Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s art came from his heart and he believed in painting objects as he thought them to be, rather than how they actually appeared. He experimented with a range of styles and explored various techniques and approaches. The outstanding work of Picasso has been broadly classified into periods like the Blue period, Rose period, period with African influence, Cubism period and the Synthetic Cubism. Every period is characterised by the usage of different colors, strokes, characters, styles, moods and such-like attributes.

Some famous paintings of Picasso have been inspired by his life experiences and carry stories behind them. For instance, his ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ of 1907 and ‘Guernica’ of 1937 are proto-cubist creations portraying the Guernica bombings when Spain faced Civil War. Considered not less than a national treasure in Spain, Guernica is a black, white and grey colored representation of the grotesque bombing and the emotions it brought forth. The terror and chaos is real enough to be felt, such was the power of this monumental work by Picasso.

When Picasso was just fourteen, he painted the ‘First Communion’, an extremely realistic projection of his sister Lola receiving her very First Communion.

From his ‘Blue Period’ of painting, comes …

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Rise of Graffiti

Graffiti was very unique for so many reasons. It is the only visual art form known to be created with no “physical touch”. Meaning the hands and fingers don’t touch the surface that the artwork is designed and painted on. The actual art is done with spray paint, held from a short distance of the surface, which means the artist had to have an accurate aim and there own perfect technique in shaping and designing the actual art. Another thing that makes this style of visual art so unique is that ninety percent of it was done outside in public. You could easily find graffiti on busses, trains, buildings, and walls. You not only understood the look and artwork of hip hop graffiti, you also understood that you were in a hip hop culture environment. Last but not least, and sadly, it is still the only art form that you can get arrested for doing. As beautiful and fascinating as it is, it is illegal to spray graffiti art on the subway trains and public buildings. It just goes to show the love these artists had for this craft, they were willing to take the risk of being arrested just …

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Care For Your Watercolor Painting

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Watercolor paintings are sensitive to sunlight. The colors can fade, and the paper can become brittle. I remember when I was working as an exhibit designer for the Hallie Ford Museum. I went to pick up a collection of Hudson River School paintings from a private collector’s house. The owner had a number of beautiful oil paintings, but his pride and joy was a vibrant watercolor painting. He kept a sheet of paper draped over the painting at all times and only lifted it when people wanted to see the piece. Okay, that’s a little extreme, but you do need to be careful of light. The recommended level of light for displaying watercolors in museums is 50 LUX, and it is only recommended for short periods of display. You can measure the light levels with a simple camera meter. However, I simply recommend keeping your painting out of direct sunlight and avoid shining a spotlight on the work. Remember, you bought the piece to enjoy it, so don’t fret too much. Just be prudent.
  • Hang the painting away from household pollutants and high humidity areas. Don’t hang a watercolor over a fireplace, near a stove, or in
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  1. It assists clients in differentiating the product of one company from the other. This serves as a tool in checking counterfeit or fake products.
  2. It helps the manufacturers of the product in maintaining the quality of their products. This heightens the value of their products.
  3. It gives information about the origin of the product so that customers who are dissatisfied with the specifications of the product can relay their queries with little or no difficulty.
  4. It serves as a legal property of an association or institution. Logos serve as symbols of authority of a company. It assists foreign investors and traders in quickly identifying the owners of a particular product so that they can do business transactions with them.


  1. It must be simple in design to aid in easy identification and recognition by clients.
  2. It should be able to give quick description of the activities of the company or association.
  3. It has to be highly original and distinct from those already used by other companies.
  4. It must be attractive in design, shape and colour (if any).
  5. The shape must have symbolic or philosophical meanings that have a bearing with the values, ideologies and aspirations of the company.


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Creating an Impact Graphic

To save money brief the designer with solid outlay of what it is your business wants and any ideas you have. Designers don’t have crystal balls and can only work with what they are given. A solid brief will get the message across quickly so the designer doesn’t have to fumble around and use your money on time to work out what your business require. Send the designer all the images/text/ and possible layout roughs.

Then leave it up to them after all that’s there profession give them a deadline and sit back and wait for the magic to appear. The graphic designer you hire should have an online portfolio so make sure to check that they are suitable to do your artwork and you like there style. Each and every graphic designer has a different outlook so portfolios will differ. With the design process rolling now is the time to gather all your content and get the exhibition ready, call printers and gather quotes don’t be afraid to ask them to drop the price it’s a competitive world. Ok! So you have now briefed the designer, gather quotes from print houses what is next? Arrange for the printer to …

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Graffiti Supplies

Spray Paint: What to consider before shopping for spray paint

The heart and soul of every tagger’s collection of supplies is their spray paint; it only takes one cheap can of paint to go out and start tagging. Of course, there are tons of options out there and it is best to think about a few key factors before deciding on what kind of paint to buy. First, what is the level of the tagger? For people just starting out, it is probably best to stick with inexpensive spray paint for the beginning, learning stages of graffiti. Second, for what kind of project is the spray paint being used? Tagging on brick walls and cement streets is one thing, but if the goal is to paint a specific personal object such as canvas or an automobile, higher quality paint will work best. Primer and sand paper are other investments to consider in that case, as using them along the way will make for a better finished product.

There are also different can tips or caps to be used on cans available to achieve different effects such as an extra wide or skinny spray. Caps are typically cheap; three for a …

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Miami Art Scene

Set in the tropical climes on the coast of the Atlantic, it is easy to see why Miami provides such inspiration to budding artists. Renowned artists hailing from the area include Harold Bas, the architect Jorge Arango and Christa Hattler, a world famous fashion designer known for her hand made pieces.

In recent times, Miami has become a hotbed of young talent, and the area has developed its own unique sense of artistic style over the years. The city is a cultural melting pot, which is reflected in a fusion of styles that defines the art scene in Miami today. European, Latino and even Asian styles have been a major influence on the artists in the area, not just in the art itself, but also in the architecture and even graffiti on the city’s walls.

The best way to truly absorb the nuances of Miami’s art culture is to explore the numerous galleries in the area, of which there are many, each with a unique feel. Here is an overview of three of the best known galleries in the area:

Art Fusion – This gallery has an emphasis on promoting up and coming/mid level artists from the Miami area. Often …

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