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Craft a Wine Bottle

Now, even though it’s a big milestone for every young adult, making preparations for a lady’s 21st birthday requires a lot more planning, crafting, and a hell of a lot of glitter and rhinestones than a man’s 21st requires. Insert a transition sentence here that highlights the importance of wine bottles for a lady’s 21st birthday.

Wine bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are just too pretty to throw away. I know I am guilty of starting an empty wine bottle collection for no apparent reason other than to use them to craft decorations for my apartment. Instead of letting them collect dust while sitting on top of your refrigerator, there are several different crafting ideas that college girls can tackle.

The first idea would be to take one of those bottles out of your collection and use it to craft a unique present for your friend’s 21st birthday.

Before you start crafting, you are going to need to remove all of the labels from the wine bottle. It’s quite simple to do. First, fill your sink with hot water and soap until a good amount of bubbles form. Then, submerge the wine bottle in …

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Differences in Stickers and Decals

Question: Can I clean my wall decals?

Yes, unless you are mistaking wall decals for wall paper. And even then, a good quality wall paper should be washable.

Wall stickers, or decals, are typically made using what is known as PSV, or pressure-sensitive vinyl. If these are screen-printed, or digitally printed, the inks should be water-proofed. If not, you got some really cheap and bad stuff.

Most reputable printers, or firms, that produce wall graphics will use good materials though. At least good enough that you should be able to wash them using warm, soapy water. Don’t use harsh chemicals, or abrasive cleaners, or you will remove the ink from the PSV.

Question: How do I store my wall decals if I want to save them for later?

First, let me clarify that you didn’t just take these off the wall, did you? If so, it is not likely that you’ll be able to re-use them. However, if you’ve purchased them online, or at a store recently, either leave them on a roll in a cool and dry location; or lay them out flat if you have room to do so, also in a cool and dry location.

You should …

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Use Scarcity To Increase Your Art Sales

So how can you use scarcity to increase your art sales? By finding creative ways of making your art just a little more special, and maybe even just a little more difficult to acquire. You don’t want to overdo it – you still want your art to be accessible to people. However, just the right mixture of availability and scarcity can boost your sales.


  • Price your art so high that nobody but the wealthy can afford it (unless of course you are already famous and your paintings are selling like hot cakes.)
  • Price your art too low so that the value is lost.


  • Make different options available at different price points. Original fine art should have a higher price tag based on how much time and talent went into it. Offer high quality giclĂ©es and prints of your work at various sizes and prices so that people who don’t have as much money can still purchase your work and enjoy it.
  • Sell only a limited number of each print – and make sure that you number and sign each one on the back. If only a certain number is printed, it creates scarcity and brings the value of
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Secrets of Beautiful Sketching

The Tools of the Trade

Drawing requires a lot of tools such as different kinds of pencils and different textured papers. Sketching is a free-form art where you only need very light strokes so it is always best to use hard lead pencils like an HB or 2H pencil. If you use mechanical pencils then a narrow lead point (0.7) is going to be your best friend.

Mastering the Art of Sketching

When you sketch you have to remember that this is completely free-form. Keep your hand from resting on the paper. You can try these four common ways to hold a pencil during your sketch sessions:

  • Basic tripod grip
  • Underhand tripod grip
  • Overhand tripod grip
  • Extended tripod grip

There are also different strokes to sketching and these are used to add a little bit of detail. They are generally used for quick portrait sketches and can be used to do shadows or add depth to a simple outline.
Some basic strokes are:

  • Long lines
  • Medium lines
  • Short lines
  • Tonal grading
  • Blending
  • Crosshatching
  • Corrugated lines

Perfecting the Art of Sketching

If you want to get good in sketching you should practice the habit of making shapes and lines with simple, …

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Key Holder Using Tissues

We get so many different designs on tissue papers these days which earlier used to be only the monotonous white. Thus we will make this key holder using beautiful printed tissue napkins which are so easily available these day and their price range also suits your pocket.

For making the key holder, things you would need are an MDF board (any shape), some tissue papers, Mod Podge or Fevicol, a painting brush (an old one will do, some acrylic paints and some keys holding pins.

First of all take an MDF board. A rectangular board may be easily available in the market but you may take the board as per your need and as per the choice of size. You may get them cut as per your special need. At the base, we would use a thicker board (around 1.5″ wide) so that we could put the pins for hanging key over there. Tissue napkins having the design of fruits, different patterns, lines or anything may be used. Cut it into half so that it could fit on the MDF board properly. And then for the rest, use one-fourth of the tissue (of as needed according to the design) so …

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Becoming a Voice Over Artist

Therefore, the road to any success in the voice over industry involves a ton of self-promotion. Firstly you should have your own website, where potential clients can listen to your voice over demos. This also demonstrates that you are legitimate and genuine. Anyone can create a voice over page in social media, or post a video portraying oneself as a voice artist, which are paths of least resistance in terms of cost. Paying for a membership with a well known voice over website could be an additional option. In these cases, one would have to audition for voice over jobs posted by voice seekers, some of which may not be trustworthy or reliable. There’s a degree of risk involved since there are no guarantees of securing work. Levels of membership can also pose a problem when it comes to receiving the same quality leads as the highest level. Signing up for a profile is free on a number of voice over sites, but ultimately paying a fee is required to audition through them. Self-promotion also entails contacting production companies who have used independent voice talent on their projects. Blogging is another option. Sending emails announcing your services to businesses that …

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