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How Color Evokes Emotion


Violet doesn’t evoke the wide range of emotions and feelings that most of the other colors do. The purple color range is typically only used as a royal color that is associated with wealth, prosperity or to reflect a rich sophistication. The best example I can show is Crown Royal scotch. Not only do they use ‘royal’ in the name of their premium product, they wrap the bottle in a violet sack.

Oddly enough, the other place you will see an overwhelming amount of purple is in the toys of little girls. Little girls love all shades of purple, so they will use everything from violet to pink when advertising and packaging toys for little girls.

As always, keep in mind the natural emotions that the colors you design with evoke. You don’t ever want a red dominant color scheme when you design a website for a lawn care company. It is far easier to play to the emotions you want by changing your color scheme.

Matthew Necroto is a graphic designer [] currently living in the Tampa, Florida area. He has more than 20 years of experience working in graphic design, web design [], marketing, advertising and now

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Prepare Your Palette for Oil Painting

My preference is for the wood palette. Wood palettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the most popular is the oval shape that is designed to fit in the crook of your elbow and is gripped with your thumb through the hole in the palette. The wood palette can be either a small, dinner-plate size or a large platter. As a teacher I recommend that beginners use the smaller size palette.

Before the palette can be used for painting it needs to be prepared with a sealant. Unsealed palettes will leach the delicate oils from your paint and rob them of their lustre.

There are three different methods for preparing a palette for painting. One can lightly apply a few coats of shellac letting each coat dry thoroughly before the next. Some artists who have invested in an expensive, counter-weighted palette will painstakingly seal it with a French polish giving it the look of a fine antique. There is, however, a serious drawback to these two preparations: the warm, umber hues of varnish make it difficult to accurately gauge color mixing.

The better method is this: invest in a litre of linseed oil. It needn’t be artist grade. …

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Having spent years in life drawing groups studying the naked human form, I have always been amazed by the atmosphere and electricity generated by the group. The loud mouths suddenly become calm and reserved, the young, single- minded and purposeful and most fascinating, older people seem to exude an exuberant youthful spirit incongruous to their advanced years.

It seems to me that a relationship exists between art, good health and general well-being. I doubt this can be pinned down by science, its more of a metaphysical principle based on the feeling of being in the zone and tapping into an unfathomable creativity, unavailable through the normal mundane channels of everyday existence.

I believe sculpture is the purest and most expressive of all the visual arts. Being inside a block of stone and allowing the chisel to move intuitively, slowly discovering the form within the block fills the sculptor (or individual attempting sculpture for the first time) with a sense of wonderment and a feeling of being alive through the physical and emotional connection with the material.

Similarly, the viewing of highly original beautiful sculpture also evokes the same sense of awe-inspiring fascination, excitement and appreciation that naturally engenders a positive …

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Buying Fine Art From A Gallery

Whether you are looking for that perfect original painting, high quality lithograph, giclee or heliogravure print, bronze sculpture or any other work of fine art, you must now decide where you can get the best value for your money. Should you visit an art gallery, attend an auction or search online? There are advantages and disadvantages to every option, so let’s take a look at some of those differences.

  • If you live near one or many art galleries or if there is an auction that is taking place nearby, you might enjoy wandering about and looking through their selections. The big advantage here is having the ability to examine the artwork in person. However, many people do not live in an area where the art galleries or auction houses are abundant, so they might be limited in the opportunity to find a work of art that is most appealing and would appropriately add accent to your home or office decor. An online search does not give you the ability to see the artwork first hand, but you would certainly have a far greater selection of fine art, including rare unusual and unique paintings, high quality prints and sculptures by famous
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Using Printable Coloring Pages

  1. Use picture outlines to create collages using other materials such as pulses, beads, sequins and glitter etc. These materials will add even more beauty to the pictures and keep your child busy for long.
  2. These pictures can be used to create party decorations. You can make banners, placemats, name cards and posters out of them by getting your child to decorate them appropriately. You’ll need to stick them to thick paper in order to get them stand straight. This is a great way to do up the party venue in an appropriate theme without having to shell out big bucks. It will also keep your children really busy ahead of the event.
  3. You can use these pictures as part of birthday party entertainment. One way is to give the kids pictures to color and give little prizes to all of them when they complete decorating them.
  4. The pictures can be used as templates to cut out the perfect Halloween decorations from pumpkins. Since there are so many types of Jack O Lantern pictures available then you’ll have really unique Halloween decorations. If you don’t feel up to cutting out the pumpkins then you could just cut pieces out of stiff
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Custom Canvas Prints

Custom canvas prints are reproduced and edited content from a photographic image and later printed on a piece of canvas. With such prints, there are no limits; you can put your imagination flying freely making the greatest ideas to put on canvas. From editing people on photos, details, writing songs, poems, stories, everything is possible. Custom canvas art gives you freedom to make your own high quality masterpiece that will decorate your place of living, or any other place you can think off. Also of them are great as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, everything you can think off. Just make a plan, write down your idea and the fun can begin.

People mostly use them for decoration, some make them to save memories and not to forget people that they have lost or just met in their lives. Often with photography on such prints, people put down some text, as I mentioned up before you can write whatever you want, poems, songs, stories, even an article like this. Open yours artistic side of personality and enter the world of making paintings by your wish. Use your ideas to create perfect gifts for people you love and respect, make …

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Creating a Photorealistic Vue Render

Global Radiosity vs. Global Illumination in Vue Atmosphere Renders:

In my opinion, and generally in the opinion of most other experienced Vue artists, the ultimate in realism in your renders is gained from using Global Radiosity (GR) in your Vue Atmosphere lighting setup rather than Global Illumination (GI). If you look around you, and carefully analyze how light interacts in the natural world, you will see actual Global Radiosity at work… Since we live in the natural world, and in an atmosphere that creates this ‘scattering effect’ our eyes can tell us what ‘looks real’ and what does not, even if we can’t quite put our finger on it. GI simulates natural lighting to a degree, but it will not duplicate the realistic color bounce and ‘shadow fill’ as seen in the real world as the Global Radiosity setting will for the best and most realistic Vue atmosphere.

Tweaking the Vue Atmosphere for your Render

Since every scene is different, different lighting situations and requirements will come into play. Therefore when using the Vue Atmosphere of your choice there are different things you can do to enhance the realism of your render for your scene. For instance, shadows are truly …

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Introduction to Cosplays

Communities have been putting on costumes since centuries. However, the practice of cosplays started taking shape in Japan during 1980, when the public started dressing up like characters from their much-loved manga and anime series. Apart from dressing up like famous characters or perceptions, they also participated in plays where they acquired different guise. In due course of time, this trend got extended to other parts of world. Now, cosplayers bring to life a wide range of characters, from Harry Potter to Princess Mononoke.

Cosplayers may spend a considerable amount of cash and time on costumes. They heavily focus on exact details, so that the costume will be close to known details as possible. It is quite likely for a cosplayer to dye the fabrics himself, if they are unable to get a perfectly matching color. Likewise, they may fabricate pieces of jewelry by hand if the exact replicas are not available. These players really work hard to practice behaving and speaking like the original characters they are trying to imitate.

Tokyo’s Harajuku district is well-known for cosplaying plus sweeping overall youth fashions. You can witness cosplays at important conventions, gatherings, and shows purposely arranged for that. Competitions are also …

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Perceive The Importance Of Art

A majority of the specialties were in historic occasions reserved for a specific group or people from a certain tribe or location. Mother and father especially fathers had much influence on their sons and this led to inheritance of a talent from father to son. This was basically the one type of schooling that was obtainable at that time.

The finest performers within the numerous forms are known to have had an ardour from an early childhood. Their ardour, dedication in addition to help from the family and mates have tremendously contributed to their success. Music is one form that has vastly contributed to the entertainment industry and a majority of fine artists began at an early age.

Individuals with the flexibility to sing are normally seen at a tender age by way of the various events they participate such as singing in church. The various education systems have also helped by adding events of their curriculum such as music festivals whereby students from totally different institutions compete with one other. This has greatly helped these with expertise become uncovered in addition to being lucky to work with music producers and different experts in the subject who assist them do …

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Creative Photo Cropping

  1. Step 1 You can use any image that contains primarily black and white (and not many shades in between). One way of making such an image is to spill ink onto watercolor paper and then scan it. But for my example, I used a large brush, dipped it in black ink and then painted on watercolor paper to create the image. Once the ink was completely dry, I scanned it as a gray scale image. As an alternative, you can paint with one of the creative brushes that appears at the bottom of the brushes palette in a gray scale document instead of scanning an image (although I think it turns out much better with scanned images).
  2. Step 2 Now we need to prepare the image we’d like to crop. So, open any photograph you’d like to use, double-click on the Background Layer to change its name and then choose Layer > Add Layer Mask > Reveal All. The layer should now have two preview thumbnails in the Layers palette. The one on the right is the Layer Mask you just created.
  3. Step 3 Now let’s get our scanned image into that Layer Mask. Open the scanned or painted image,
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