Month: February 2019

Fantasy Art Online

Fantasy Art is simply art work that often includes a magical theme. Often these themes are interlaced with ‘science fiction’ and ‘horror’. The majority of pieces of fantasy art that you can find online include mythical creatures. A lot of the art work online is tied to fantasy fiction, in fact, if you read a fantasy story or watch a movie there is a good chance out there that there is some art created about the subject.

Those that create fantasy art have changed the way that we view images. If you go to an art gallery you will find fairly ‘bland’ paintings and portraits. The reason for this was that in the past this is what people purchased, it is what excited people. Fantasy Artists however seem to have thrown the ‘art rulebook’ aside and created artwork that is grand and exciting with much action going on it. You will never find a piece of artwork like this in an art gallery. These images were not created with the intention of selling and therefore they really show the personality of the artist. It is in my opinion that there is no other form of artwork that can be found …

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Minimalism Redux

John M. Carroll, who was working for IBM, was trying to streamline documentation and documentation practices. He started minimizing text in documents more and more to get it down to the point where it could still be understood and useful but with no extraneous verbiage-kind of like a healthy person with a very low body fat index. One of the ways he achieved this was to create a set of XML tags that could be used for creating almost any documentation. By its design, it would have all the power and flexibility of XML but would encourage, maybe even require a very economical writing style.

I can tell you from personal experience that if you are not consciously lean in your writing when you are authoring in DITA, you can really get yourself into a mess. The powers that be at my former workplace kept trying to create a schema that matched our old documentation and I kept telling them it would be like adding a floppy drive to our new computers. We might be comfortable with the technology but it would suck to use. DITA was designed for minimalism and if we were not using a minimal writing style, …

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Basic Elements of a Stage Show

What are the basic elements of a stage show? Unlike films and television, stage shows are live performances and living, breathing art forms. Broadly, the main elements are:

  • Script or Text – the starting point of a theatrical performance and one that is the domain of the playwright.
  • Scenario or Plans – form the blueprint that a director uses to build up the production
  • Process – a co-ordination of the creative efforts put in by the director, actors, dancers, musicians, technicians etc.
  • Product – the end result of the process which will be viewed by the public
  • Audience – the essential aspect of every art; the very physical presence of an audience transforms the performance.

But the single most important element for the success of a stage show or a theatre play is the story, the script or the text. Here is where the importance of the playwright dominates all other elements. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher-writer established over 2000 years ago the ‘theories of playwriting’ or the Elements of Drama which have since been followed by many successful playwrights over the centuries. In Aristotle’s critical analysis of several Greek plays and dramas, the six elements that outline a story or …

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Contemporary Realism

Many forms of art focus on the ideal aspect rather than the real aspect. Contemporary realism is a type of art that shows that there can be just as much beauty in normal, everyday life as what the deepest reaches of our imagination can conjure up.

Artists working under this banner focus on capturing realistic visuals of the current time. This art style is practically the opposite of abstract art, since abstract art is meant to display visuals independent of the real world. In fact, many famous artists of the past were not interested in painting abstract art, although, ironically, many of them started off learning about abstract painting.

Contemporary realism does depict modern real life, or perhaps realistic modern landscapes, but that does not mean that the paintings themselves do not have deeper meanings to them. As with abstract art, there is surface value, and also as with abstract art, there are layers and layers of meaning.

Using traditional forms and adherence to a photorealistic standard, but depicting current aspects of modern life, contemporary realism paintings are meant to teach us that we can find the beauty in normal, the everyday, the mundane. Sure, life may get boring sometimes. …

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Membrane Art

I particularly want to make this distinction as there has been a fundamental shift of priorities away from the aesthetics of painting, both abstract and representational, in favour of environmental, political, sexual, and sociological interest in art-making activities. These are what I view as relative thoughts, almost entirely conceived using established art genres and principles, including the use of innovative methods and techniques, or modern materials.

Although, issue-based and relative artistic pursuits are unmistakably sympathetic to a wide range of contemporary issues, they do not command and unite the attention of discerning artists seeking a deeper understanding. The fact remains that there have been no deep innovations in art for forty years. A statement that on the surface seems absurd until you realise the consequences of this extended ‘aesthetic drought’.

This is why my proposition to delineate thought itself is critical. As it is the absolute thought that is the principal driver behind any artistic endeavour, like that which underpinned the art movements of Cubism, Conceptualism, Abstract Art, Minimalism, etc. For it is not only their completeness but appropriateness to the period that they belong that provides the artist with a common philosophy or goal, so that they …

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Art of Freelancing

Establish a good, clean, Professional Web Presence

The key to getting started is to first look competent, and then prove that you are competent through work. But you’ll never get that work if your Facebook profile picture is you wearing almost no clothes whilst palming a SOLO cup that certainly, doesn’t have alcohol in it (wink, wink) so what do you do?

First get a decent photo of yourself. One with decent lighting, with at least business casual on, a nice headshot will do. You don’t need anything professional in quality so don’t go to some photographer (unless you really like flattering pictures of yourself) Just something were you are clean cut, bathed, and presentable.

Odds are if there is probably a decent photograph of you on the internet already, but be careful that it looks Professional. If you aren’t sure, just imagine you’re going to a job interview for a well paying job you actually want. What would wear? how would you present yourself? You can just take your own photo on any decent camera, and you’ll be set.

Get a business email

Create a Gmail account or some other email account with a name like [email protected] (no …

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