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Secret Of Mona Lisa’s Smile Revealed

How Leonardo created the masterpiece? Was the woman really an existing human being or just his imagination? As it is known, Mona Lisa really existed. One beautiful day Leonardo was wandering aimlessly in the streets and he heard very joyful ringing laughter from one balcony just above him. He looked up and saw a young woman, so pleasant-looking, barely 30 years-old. She had all her hair down. She was Mona Lisa, the wife of a wealthy Florentine businessperson, Francesco del Giocondo. Leonardo started painting her and it took him several months to finish the painting, one of the most expensive masterpieces afterwards. It is known that in order to amuse her he was singing and reading verses himself. The portrait took Leonardo four years to finish.

The result of the hard work was just unimaginable – a masterpiece constantly gaining more and more popularity and appreciation day by day. As even the critics mention Leonardo managed to represent so amazing vividness that we all think we are watching an alive person while looking at the portrait of Mona Lisa.

The main reason of this is her eyes. Leonardo has represented the eyes full of light and water on the picture …

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Types of Illustrations

  • Woodcut illustration – woodcut, sometimes also known as xylography is a technique in which an image is engraved or imprinted into the surface of the wooden block. Then this wooden block is dipped into an ink or colour and is pressed onto the pages of the book to print the illustrations. The technique of woodcut was developed in somewhere in Europe in the 15th century.
  • Engraving illustration – engraving is the technique of incising (carving) an illustration or design onto a hard flat surface such as stone or a metal plate. Although this technique is as old as middle stone age, it is still in use today. During stone age there were stone engraving in the caves, but today goldsmith uses this technique to engrave illustration on jewellery and other precious artefact.
  • Etching – etching is the late 15th or early 16th century technique used in illustration. It is a process where strong acid is used to cut unshielded parts of the metal surface to create illustration in the metal. Although, nowadays this technique is not only limited to metals but also glass surfaces and is used widely.
  • Pen / brush and ink illustration – it is the widely used
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Autistic Artists

My daughter has high functioning autism and a lot of her behaviour is similar to mine, so maybe I’m a high functioning autistic person, maybe not, maybe I’m just crap as talking the talk and being around new people. The problem however is that in the art world there is an expectation that you socialise, you attend art previews, you get to know people, you network and approach galleries and people in the business in order to sell yourself. What if you don’t have those skills due to autism? Is the art business missing out of a huge chunk of untapped creativity because that creativity isn’t good at marketing itself? This is a question that a lot of shy or introverted people have to deal with, but what about the autistic artist? If I’m at a social gathering with lots of new people I find that I have to go for a ‘time out’ walk or sit in a quiet corner after an hour (sometimes earlier). Sensory overload I suppose. The art helps because it ‘gets it out’ as I like to say. It provides hours and hours of focus alone where I can think and become lost in the …

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Digital Graffiti Wall

What exactly is a digital graffiti wall and how does it work? Digital graffiti wall is an interactive tool for creating digital graffiti on a large screen, using digital spray paint cans. These are specially adapted to emit IR (infrared) light when the cap is pressed – instead of regular paint. As it moves across the screen, the light is tracked by a computer vision system to recreate the “sprayed” images onto the wall using a projector.

Just like with the traditional graffiti, your art will appear on the wall wherever the can is prayed. You can choose between a wide palette of paint colors. There are also different spray patterns, such as animated stars or swirls, paint effects, and custom stencils available. They will make your creations look like authentic graffiti art. You can also have your guests stand in front of a screen projector in order to have their picture taken, and then projected onto the digital graffiti wall – where they can “artistically” enhance the photograph.

Interface graphics and backgrounds are fully customizable: you can, for example, add your logo and product images to the wall, or make the photo of your company headquarters the background. …

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Resize Photos in Photoshop

Assume that it has 2602 pixels wide and 1852 pixels high. However, I need a smaller version to print it perfectly. What I will do is I will change the numbers in the width and height boxes. You can change it to whatever size you want. To change the values double-click on any of the boxes. Whether width or, height, and type a new value. Click OK to save. Your photo will come out with a new dimension. You can also resize your photos by changing the pixel value. Look at the width and height number boxes; you will see that the measurement value is given in pixels. Click on the pixels and change it to percent.

Now the width and height check box will prove the percentage value. Double click on the box and change the value to any percent. Click OK to save. One thing you will notice that if you change the width value, the height value will change automatically or, if you change the height value, the width value will change. Resizing photos in Photoshop is a very simple and easy process. Nevertheless, always try to keep up the quality. It is okay to make it …

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Landscape Painting

Get the area imprinted in your mind and heart by spending some time doing sketches on the area. This helps a lot in observing the location for your landscape painting.

Watercolor landscape paintings are one of the most revered paintings for both their beauty and challenges a painter has to go through in painting one. Beginners have to be more careful as outdoor scene is subject to continuous change.

Some tips and techniques can come in handy when you have to paint a watercolor landscape painting. These techniques tell you the way the paper angles, saturation of the paper and many such nuances. Bringing a camera to capture the scene could be a good idea as anything could happen outdoors unexpectedly. This technique could also help a lot when you do a horse painting. The photos can help you analyze the location in its best composition from different angles and distances. They also serve as reference sketches back in your studio. Adding details to every little thing could distract the view from the point of interest and make your work more complex. So it is better to avoid complex compositions.

Some of the ways in which you can develop your …

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Graphic Art With Writing and Drawing Skills

In more recent years as a writer this skill has paid off when choosing as few words as possible to describe something. Generally, authors waft on trying to paint a picture that their audience will pick up on. The same goes for the Internet.

Web pages and articles have about six seconds of viewing time to catch their audience before the page is clicked over. Unless there is a catchy title or a word that grabs their interest they are gone, and they rarely return.

While the viewing audience of this latest media format amounts to many millions or more there is no guarantee that a web page will be seen. Instead of word many will be drawn in by a great image. Over time a logo or comedy picture will instantly connect if they know that there is a benefit to be had by sticking around.

Logo’s are great draw cards and teaching people to respond to them is best done through the graphics rather than words. That is because many are not fast readers and some can barely read at all. But everyone responds to a picture.

If, on the other hand, one is appealing to a more …

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Coloring With Copic Markers

Copic markers work best on paper, wood and leather, but they can also be used on metal, fabrics and other surfaces. They will lose color over time, especially if exposed to severe conditions like UV rays from extended direct sunlight or vivid synthetic lights. There are more than 200 colors available right now in market for these markers. Artists, whether amateur or professional, can decide from a variety of these colors to draw and sketch whatsoever they want on any surface.

How to Use:

  1. Select colors of same color family while blending, like a light or dark blue. Always start with lightest color as the foundation, and include layers of darker color.
  2. Every single of them is made with a letter as code. This code explains its color family. For instance, codes that start with a “B” belong to family of blue color.
  3. If you planned to use colored pencils to put in detail to an image, apply them as last layer. The alcohol-based ink cannot soak up into paper over the pencil layer.
  4. Copic markers have a 2-digit code that symbolizes saturation. The first digit symbolizes vibrancy and other one signifies lightness. Lower the number is, lower will be
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Draw Simple Cartoon People

Understanding the Concepts of Drawing a Cartoon Person

That is why the most successful cartoon characters are the simplest ones. They are very beautiful to look at but when you come down to it they only require three or four basic shapes. Just look at Mickey Mouse: his entire silhouette can be done with three circles. Just look at SpongeBob SquarePants, Mickey Mouse, Aang, and other famous cartoon character – they all share the same traits.

When drawing a cartoon person the best idea is to start with circles. Use a circle for the head, the eyes, the ears, hands, and feet. Edit your circles and turn them into oblongs or bean-shapes if you want to draw a cartoonish body and lips.
If you were going for a more serious type of cartoon person then you have to focus on two aspects of drawing: simplicity and emphasis.

Simplicity and Emphasis

A very common cartoon style of drawing people is the Japanese anime or Japanese manga style of art. This is also a good style that utilizes simplicity and emphasis to great degree. Just look at any Japanese anime show and the way people are designed. They use simple lines for …

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Create a Portrait Studio Background

At this step, set the opacity level of the cloud layer to 40%. Point your cursor on palate, select the opacity option, and set it to 40%. Press Control + E to merge the layers. Apply a brush filter to make the background look more interesting. Point your cursor on Photoshop brush strokes and choose spatter. A dialogue box will come out. Select 10 for spray mode and 5 for smoothness. Click OK to save. A fade filer option may pop up this time. If it pops up then set the value to 50%. It will lessen the photo intensity and its effect.

Now again choose brush strokes from the palate and select sprayed strokes. Set the value to 12 and 7. Click OK to apply. Set the photo resolution to 300 pixels for professional quality image. Go to the menu and select image size. Set the value to 300. Click on the new adjustment layer and select hue/saturation. Click OK and save the Photoshop document. Name the document and save it in your hard drive as a PSD file for further editing. Your background is ready. Now you can place any object in front of the background.

Thus, drag …

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