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    Unique Rangoli Art

    Different materials used for rangoli

    The materials used in making these designs bring a lot of uniqueness to them. Besides conventional colors and rice flour, other materials can be used to great effect. Grains and pulses bring a unique twist to conventional designs. You can use green gram for green and masoor dal for orange colors. Strategic placement of marbles also brings a unique twist to the design. You can also use bamboo sticks, matchsticks and even toothpicks to give a distinct appeal to your design. Another great idea is to use rice grains. The advantage of using rice is that all colors mix well with wet rice. So, add a bit of water to rice gains and put color powder and mix well. Let the colored rice dry before using. Use of flower petals and leaves also brings distinctness to rangoli.

    Apart from these, you can embellish your rangoli with beads, kundans, differently cut mirrors, dried flowers, pearls and pearl strings, round pebbles, candles, the eye of peacock feathers, small diyas and a whole lot of different materials. Once you get the hang of using different kinds of materials, you will be able to use any material including scrap and junk to create beautiful designs. When you use different materials, you get a three-dimensional effect in the design because every material lends a different thickness to the part where it is used.

    Different designs

    There is no end to the designs which you can make. Even traditional pictures of Gods and Goddesses can be made in unique ways. Theme based rangolis are in vogue now. You can depict peace, universal fraternity or current issues. It all boils down to your creativity and talent.

    The beauty of rangoli is its flexibility. You can make any kind of design ranging from portraits and sceneries to designs which signify importance of the occasion. The other good thing about these designs is that you can accommodate almost anything kind of material. Even something as simple as unique color combinations makes a design unique.

    In essence, rangoli is a means of expressing celebrations and you can get as creative as you want with it. Explore your surroundings for inspirations and figure out something unique and different. With a bit of patience and lots of creative talent, you can make a new design every time you make one.